Unchain the CPI

I am one of the many AARP volunteers in Ohio who is making visits to our congressional district offices this week to implore our representatives not to cut Social Security and veterans’ benefits by adopting the chained Consumer Price Index.

Adopting a chained CPI is not just a technical change in how the cost-of-living is calculated, it is a significant cut at a time when today’s seniors need every dollar they earned over a lifetime of hard work. If adopted, the chained CPI would take $4.37 billion out of Ohioans’ Social Security checks and $345 million from Ohio veterans’ benefits over the next 10 years.

We welcome you to join us in telling Congress that Social Security did not add one cent to the deficit and should not be part of the current debate on reducing the deficit. Solutions for strengthening Social Security for future generations deserve their own, separate conversation.

Tom Joseph,