Turn back to God

When will it end, you may be asking? The worldwide violence and killings, school shootings, one natural disaster after another. The answer is simple, and one we can all have a part in. We don’t need gun control, we need God control. God is being removed from our schools, public buildings and assemblies and money.

We no longer respect the value of life, daily murdering the lives of innocent unborn babies. As a country, we no longer obey the Commandments. When this is reversed, we will again receive God’s protection over our country.

Each of us can make a difference and turn the tide. It starts with each person, couple, family, workplace, community. Let’s spend less time on all the electronic devices and spend time with loved ones. Let us seek and plead to the one who have given us so much, to reverse the tragedy our country and world has become.

When we again recognize our supreme creator and become a people who live by moral values, God will again protect us.

Mary Reimer, Tiffin