Strong? Get real

I was busy the other night when our president gave his State of the Union message, so was unable to listen to his delivery. I was quite surprised, however, to read in the paper the next morning that our president reported that the “state of the union is strong!”

Where has this man been living the past few years? How can he make such a statement when the union is in debt over its eyeballs? Has he tried to buy gasoline or groceries recently? Has he tried to get a real job? Does he need to worry about health care costs or attempting to live off interest earned on CDs or savings accounts? I guess he would have no problems with mortgage payments, either.

His statement about a strong union is like me going into a local bank and requesting loans for a new car and new home, telling the loan officer that my personal financial situation is strong, while owing debts to others of a billion dollars! The loan officer will look at me as if I am a crazy man from another planet, then usher me out the door! My claim is just as unbelievable as the one made by the president.

I at least had a good time while the president was talking. I went square dancing with friends.

John Crumrine, Tiffin