Pray for greater humanity

I would like to express my opinion on the tragedy at the elementary school in Connecticut. But my opinion is the same for all such horrible tragedies. From reading on Facebook, the two reasons I read was one: God not being allowed in schools. I think that is so wrong. If you have God in your heart, he will be with you no matter where you are.

The second thing we all read and heard about is gun control. I can list my reasons why I think that is wrong, but the liberals and the gun-control people won’t even listen.

So, here is my opinion.

The problem is us humans. Since our existence, we have found more ways to kill each other, from the crude club to the atomic bomb. We are the only living species I’m aware of that kills for the sake of killing. I can list many mass murderers from Hitler to the sicko who killed all those kids at the school, but the list is huge.

As far as gun control, if he would have been armed with a knife and was only able to kill one child before being apprehended, would it have been a less of a tragedy?

We humans will always find reasons to kill. No matter the reason – over land, difference in political views or just being sick in the soul or the absence of a soul – humans will continue to kill. And the only thing we can do is mourn for the loss and pray it doesn’t happen again.

Mike SanGregory,