Not attacking Humane Society

I had written a letter a couple of days ago questioning why cats are not licensed. It was to my understanding the Humane Society received money from the sale of dog licenses; apparently not. And, as the editor indicated, they do not receive money from the city or county; this is really amazing. It would be great if there were more people and businesses that would devote their time and money of this magnitude to other causes, such as Right to Life. This group saved the lives of many babies (not animals) and, in my opinion, saving babies is more important.

Now, back to what the letter was really about: Why are cats not licensed? One might say cats do not cause problems like dogs. Well, how about when a cat comes in your yard and does its business, or in your flowers, landscaping or garden. Also, when you are awakened at 1 or 2 in the morning by your barking dog, thinking their may be an intruder, only to find out it is a cat.

Why are cats allowed to run where ever they feel like? I’ve never seen anyone get in trouble for a cat at large, or a cat without a license. Just think, if you were to license cats, we could afford to hire a cat warden, that would help with our unemployment problem in this area.

There are good and bad pet owners, and that is probably the way it will always be. I know a few people who own cats, but that does not change my or other dog owners’ opinions. If we were to turn the table, I’ll bet you anything the cat owners would feel the same.

Like I mentioned in the first letter, the amount is not enormous (I have two dogs), it is just not a good system to “tax” one type of owner and not the other. If they were to license cats, we would could split the bill, then the dog owners would have more money to pay for the ever-increasing medical cost, gasoline, real estate tax, sales tax, auto license tax, utilities, insurance, food, income tax and etc.

Once again, thank you for allowing me to ” vent ” and I regret if I upset anyone at the Humane Society; keep up the good work. I will think differently about your contribution to the people and animals.

Duane Keefe,