Golden memories

As a longtime friend of Calvert Catholic Schools teacher Carol Keefe, I could not let her go without the honorable memorial acclimation she so deserves. She was one of the most caring, concerned and loving saints to walk this earth. Many times, she asked her friends to pray for someone she worried about, because she always wanted more prayers for them than she could offer herself.

When we spent time together, she would tell me of her deep concern and love every one of her students. She recognized their hunger to learn their faith, and their excitement and appreciation when they could apply the knowledge she so joyously shared with them.

She was creative and inspiring to everyone who knew her because she listened, contemplated and modeled to us a deeper understanding of letting “Thy will be done” in our lives.

I was on my way to the Columbus airport when I learned of her passing, and I was saddened as well as overjoyed by the news. She is now in the company of the Church Triumphant, the angels, the communion of saints, and God the Father Almighty. Who deserves it more than the sweet, holy, dedicated soul who filled up the humanness of Mrs. Keefe?

She will be so missed and never forgotten. She inspired so many she met. So to you, Carol Keefe, love does not describe what all of who knew you feel; it is more than that: you are gold.

Carolyn Price, Bloomville,

former teacher St. Mary’s School