Landfill’s future up in the air

How many readers expected Seneca County General Health District board members Thursday to approve — unanimously — a resolution to issue a notice of intent to deny an operating license for Sunny Farms Landfill?

Perhaps it surprised you, not because of the two-part nature of the resolution (not an outright denial of license renewal, but notification of the intent to do so) but because of government entities’ assumed affinity for revenues.

After all, landfill fees contribute a reported 20 percent of the health department’s budget — $700,000. And Ohio Environmental Protection Agency gets $2 million from Sunny Farms.

The decision seemed foreshadowed Thursday earlier when Seneca County commissioners approved a resolution supporting a decision to deny renewal of Sunny Farms Landfill’s operating license, were health board members to do so.

Landfill owners apparently will appeal the health board’s decision. More appealing would be lasting improvement regarding landfill odors which had been getting worse, finally prompting action by management and the health board.

Effective resolution of issues impacting the environment and quality of life of those residing near the landfill would determine the facility’s fate.

Will the landfill continue to operate? The answer may be blowing in the wind.