Details can be crucial

A Seneca County commissioner said he would like the county’s contract with Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corp. to be more precise. A new contract could spell out in more detail what the development group would do for county residents.

Commissioner Shayne Thomas also indicated Tuesday he’d like SIEDC to expand the scope of its work for the county, Specifically, he’d like townships and villages to get more assistance from SIEDC.

The rising-tide-lifts-all-boats analogy certainly applies to the county seat and the county. As David Zak, SIEDC’s president and CEO, pointed out, retail growth results in more sales tax revenue, and industrial projects boost property taxes for schools and the county.

But rural areas — in the villages, especially — could understandably covet the kind of development going on in Tiffin. Rural development could be stressed in future compacts between the county and SIEDC.

Of course, some development might be more welcome than others, as we’re seeing with wind projects proposed for rural parts of the county. Interestingly, advocacy for “modifying the current wind turbine setback regulations in order to allow Apex and potentially other wind energy providers to invest” is part of SIEDC’s Scope of Work 2018.

That sounds fairly precise. But that may have been written before it was known precisely how tall the wind turbines would be, and how many would be installed.

So, yes, townships and villages could use more help with economic development. Just be careful in what projects are wanted, precisely.