Spoofing technique calls for hang up

Everyone who owns a cellphone likely has received solicitation call that defies logic.

You get an incoming call. The phone’s display shows a phone number beginning with your area code. The next three digits indicate it’s a local call.

So, although the caller isn’t identified by name, you answer it anyway. Maybe it’s someone you know. …

Very quickly, it becomes apparent it’s a sales call. Sometimes, the caller launches directly into a pitch. Other times, the caller pretends to be trying to contact someone else, before stating, “Perhaps you can help me” and beginning the script.

That’s why the sales effort fails to make sense. It’s incredible that solicitors who disguise their phone numbers to make it appear as if a neighbor is calling expects their recipients to trust them with personal and financial information.

Too bad the technique isn’t fading away as fast as the latest social media challenge.