Scanner not paid for by taxpayers

We tip a cap this week to Seneca County officials for obtaining an X-ray machine to scan people entering the Seneca County Jail — and not making taxpayers foot the bill.

Seneca County Prosecutor Derek DeVine authorized using commissary funds to pay for the body scanner. Profits from commissary purchases by inmates accumulate in the fund.

“That fund has built up over the years to where the purchase was made possible,” Sheriff Bill Eckelberry said. “The purchase of that scanner was paid for totally out of that fund and at no cost to the taxpayers of Seneca County.”

The scanner is a way to keep contraband, including drugs and cigarettes, from entering the jail. County citizens aren’t part of the black market for contraband at the jail, so it’s appropriate they are not stuck with the bill for the $120,000-plus technology used to combat it.