Beware of spiked drinks

If you are sending your son or daughter off to college this month, you may well take leave of them by urging, “Study hard – and be careful.”

Unfortunately, there is much about which to worry. Alcoholic beverages are high on the list, but not just for the reasons you may have considered.

Ohio Investigative Unit officials this week warned college students that if they do choose to drink, they should guard against those who would slip drugs into their beverages. It happens, often when male thugs decide to use drugs in the “date rape” category to take advantage of young women.

Last year, Ohio authorities received nine rape reports in which drugs were listed as a weapon. There may well have been many similar cases that were not reported.

If you are a college student, away from home and consuming alcohol with people you do not know very well, be on guard. If you are not absolutely certain of what is in your drink, don’t consume it. And if you think you have been drugged, get help, even if that means calling the police.