Shower mothers with your gratitude

Mothers are amazing. A mother seem to have eyes in the back of her head and more than one pair of arms.

And a mom often needs them to handle job and family responsibilities. A mom can sooth skinned knees and mend broken hearts. A mom not only can make it to the game, play, recital or concert, but also make sure the children involved arrive on time, too. A mother makes a house a home.

Eventually, there comes a time when the brood leaves that nest. Then, a mom will worry whether the fledgling adults will use the lessons she has taught them to fly on their own.

Regardless of whether you have taken flight, or your mother still takes you under her wing, Sunday is a day to let her know the juggling act and foresight are appreciated.

Because Mother’s Day isn’t about flowers, a card, a meal or a gift. It’s about showing gratitude to an amazing person.

While a mother seemingly has two pairs of eyes and extra hands, she only has one heart. It’s just a very big one.