Hats off

Thanks for being a part of this community

Once again, we use this space to thank just about everyone in our readership area who has made contributions large and small to benefits, dinners, fundraisers, relays, rallies, races and concerts, through organized activities and spur-of-the-moment actions, that made life better for others this year.

Thursday’s edition featured stories from both ends of the spectrum.

One told how three Tiffin residents responded to pleas for help Tuesday and helped rescue Christmas for a 5-year-old girl and her family.

The other previewed the free Christmas Day dinner courtesy of N.O.A.H. Foundation and an army of volunteers. The acronym stands for No One Alone or Hungry on?Christmas; the effort offers a free holiday dinner to anyone and everyone in the community. One needn’t be homeless or impoverished to attend, just in want of companionship on Christmas Day.

The weekly Bouquet forum on this page typically relays appreciation for those who lend a hand or give financially to philanthropic efforts continuously organized in our community. Such lists often are lengthy. Some notes just express gratitude for random acts of kindness.

We want to relate how grateful we are to be a part of this community and the lives of its residents. Thanks, and we wish you a prosperous new year.

Hats off

Elchert performed duties well

A tip of the cap to Paul Elchert, who presided this week over his last Tiffin City Council meeting. After representing the Second Ward from 1988 to 2001, he became president of council for nearly a dozen years.

While it’s not exactly a thankless position, it is one that can be overlooked – and that is a sign of a job well done. The role is somewhat like that of an official at a sporting event; it’s vital to the proceedings, yet when done properly, it attracts little attention.

Elchert performed the duries deftly, as have his predecessors. He provided a good act for President-Elect Rich Cline to follow.