Thanks for those who are giving to others

Most of us have many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Day.

We have adequate food, shelter and clothing. We enjoy rights and freedoms that are unknown in some parts of the world.

But most likely, we also have a reason to be more than thankful. We not only have enough to eat – especially today – but the food we have is plentiful and delicious – especially today.

We don’t just have housing; we have homes – homes often furnished with creature comforts and closets packed with clothes and, more importantly, filled with family and friends.

We have hospitals and ambulances to take us there just a phone call away, all possible because of caring, trained professionals available 24 hours a day – even today.

Simply put, a whole lot of us have more than we need, and what we have is very good. It’s possible for us to share with those less fortunate because of our bountiful blessings.

But that’s not the reason for our compassionate acts. Truth is, we are surrounded by folks eager to offer support when needed, because that is the kind of neighbors we are.

That sense of community is something for which we at The Advertiser-Tribune are appreciative.

Happy Thanksgiving!