It’s easier to give where you live

All year long, residents in our area are asked to donate to worthy causes. At holiday time – that period from Thanksgiving and Christmas – the requests for contributions seem to increase.

Part of that apparent increase is because many of us tend to be more mindful of others during this period. But it’s also due to solicitations by organizations hoping to make the season brighter for less fortunate individuals.

Thus, our readers will be asked to support charities during the coming weeks. Some of those solicitations will be made in person, by word of mouth, by the peel of a bell. Others will arrive by mail or telephone.

So how do you know which causes are worthy of your support? One way is to ask the charities for information about how your gifts are used, and continuing research on your own.

An easier way is to lend a hand – literally or financially – to local organizations with a known track record, such as the United Way, The Salvation Army, the NOAH Foundation, the Ecumenical Sharing Kitchen, the firefighters’ toy project and Shop with a Cop. Those are just some of the efforts that have been going on for years and whose impact is well known.