Common sense elevates decision

In terms of editorial fodder, this topic came wrapped in cellophane. To use a sports metaphor, it was a softball placed on a batting tee, waiting to be hit with a tennis racket.

But sometimes it seems almost unsporting to take a swipe at the policies of government bureaucracy. At times, we give a chance for common sense to prevail.

That appears to have happened with regard to a directive to fix – at a cost of $1,265 – or decommission – at a cost of $2,800 – an elevator in the soon-to-be-razed former Salvation Army building on Monroe Street.

Now, the state is to waive the fee for shutting down the elevator in the doomed structure. The city still must pay a $270 fee for what may turn out to be the elevator’s death certificate.

Alas, while wisdom may rule, requisite paperwork isn’t entirely avoidable. Even if the elevator can’t go to the top.