Property Transfers, Aug. 7

Transfers listed as






James A.

and Wonetta L. Miller

Stewart A. Bowersox


85 Lawndale Drive

Nainsi J. Houston

Eric A. and Lidia Lee


112 W. Davis St.

Stephen D.

and Lisa W. Williams

Kathy L. Slagle


25 Apple St.

Everett P. and Karen Wood

Bish Construction Inc.


78 Oakley Meadow Lane

OAM Construction LTD

Burton J. Zender


90 Oil St.

Michael A.

and Lori L. Mastro

SP Lowry, DDS


115 Sycamore St.


Susan J. Shively

JPMorgan Chase Bank


219 W. Jackson St.

Clinton Township

Robert S.

and Mary L Tebeau;

Michael A.

and Heather L. Sallee

James W. and Amy L. Crist


2621 N. CR 15


Michael P. Shultz

Nancy C.

and Robert F. Krause Jr.


615 Maple St.

Jamie L. Cunningham

Rilyn Properties LLC


219 W. Jackson St.

Adams Township

Kevin M. Williams

Jimmy L. Jones II


8611 TR 32

Reed Township

Ryan Pifher

John A. Damschroder


Agricultural property on SR 4


Janice Brooks

Grand Prairie Property

Management LLC


14 Jefferson St.

Torrance K.

and Diane L. Norman

Crystal D. Patrick


16 Scott St.


Kristy L. Bogner; Valerie J.

and Bryan C. Hoepf

David L.

and Kay E. Moomaw


622 E. Tiffin St.

Scipio Township

George F.

and Deborah A. Rellinger

Thomas J. Anway


Vacant property

on East TR 106

Jamie L. Lodermeier-Fay

and Robert S. Fay

Anna M. Benner


5439 E. SR 18