Property transfers, April 24

Transfers listed as






Laura E. Bouillon

David A. and

Barbara A. Hershey


21 Bryden Road

Bloom Township

Andrew C. Price, et. ux.

Clifford H. Price, et. ux.


Vacant property

on South CR 43 and

East CR 6

Jason R. and

Heather A. Hood

Lee F. and Joyce Pipher


Vacant property

on Marion Street

Clinton Township

Lori A. Distel

Matthew J. Thom


2729 S. TR 1177

Joseph and Lisa Feld

Carl W. and

Concetta Schlachter


2197 S. Shamrock Court

Randall A. and

Jennifer L. Laibe

Joy W. Barrick


3385 E. TR 122

Venice Township

Craig S. and

Laurie L. Reichert

Judith K. Fry, trustee

of the Biller Irrevocable

Heritage Trust


Vacant property

on South SR 4

Walnut Grain Farms LLC

Steven M. Stanek, trustee


Vacant property on SR 224

Big Spring Township

Patrice Ann and

Thomas P. O’Keefe Jr.

Esther M. Johnson


6675 S. CR 57

Scipio Township

Cody M. and

Jill A. Nichols

Randall A. and

Jennifer L. Laibe


1832 S. SR 67

Thompson Township

Vincent Lawrence

Widman, trustee, et. al.

Brett W. Mingus


Vacant land

on North TR 183

Jackson Township

Jonathan and

Tracy Moore

Ted M. Wildman


8371 W. CR 28


Terry R. Saalman

William J. Ferguson


613 Fifth Ave.

Charlotte Sauber

Andrea K. Stauffer


238 W. Center St.

Juan E. and

Elvira H. Ortiz

Lawrence R. Smith


160 E. Tiffin St.