Property transfers, Oct. 24

Transfers listed as






Raymond K. and

Sharon K. Perry, trustees

Frank C. and

Kelly A. Lamoreaux


58 Maplewood Ave.

Brandon R. Swihart

Michael A. Elchert


69 Jackson St.

Veronica Oestreich

Household Realty Corp.


96 Riverside Drive

Marjorie J. Johnson

Freddie Mac


213 E. Davis St.

Patrick E. Smith

Sally J. Hickey


430 W. Market St.

Adams Township

David P. and

Patricia F. Bumb

Judy and Kenneth D. Stout


44.3752 acres

on TR 175 Sec. 22

Seneca Township

Jerome J. and

Suzanne E. Hohman

Harold J. and

Marilyn J. Kinn


3809 S. CR 591

Scipio Township

Michael L. Young

Steve A. and Cathy A. Young


203 Center St.

Jiles W. Perkins

Allen R. Dryfuse


9201 E. TR 8

Clinton Township

Nancy L. Boettger

George A. Fretz Jr., et al


501 B Autumnwood Drive

New Riegel

Emily J. Streaker

Julie A. Ladd


33 W. Tiffin St.

Thompson Township

Randall D. and

Amanda E. Cox

Freddie Mac


8182 N. CR 29

Bloom Township

Christopher Schirack, et al

Nancy J. Price


8608 S. CR 43

Eden Township

Steven P. Widman

Madonna F. and

Vincent L. Widman


4762 E. CR 16


Austin Hickle

Loyal and Laura Zilles


116 Lewis St.

Ronald C. and Deborah K. Hammer

Mildred T. Hammer


126 Summit St.