Property transfers, July 18

Transfers listed as






Lonnie C. and

Katherine E. McDaniel

Phyllis M. Jordan


178 Third Ave.

Tiffin University

Robert L. and William V. Barnhart


212 Clay St.

Christine M. Corfman

Michael E. Covert


26 Grace St.

Reuben D. Faber

Steven J. and

Dawne M. Good


484 E. Market St.

Joan E. Martin

James C. Skidmore


215 Gibson St.

Randy E. Fitch

Dawn R. and

Chester E. Fitch Jr.


10845 Caldwell Ave.

Eden Township

Eric D. and

Sandra A. Tusing

David J. and

Barbara B. Spitler


TR 42

Jeffrey R. Michel and

Beth M. Souder

Fremont Federal

Credit Union


267 S. Monroe St.

Zachary W. Ekleberry

David J. and

Barbara B. Spitler


150 TR 42

Liberty Township

Mary K. Miarer

CR Capital Group LLC


4535 SR 12

Jason Sendelbach

Springleaf Financial

Services of Ohio Inc.


8274 N. TR 103

Loudon Township

Jeffery L. King, Jr.

Virginia Long


842 Loudon Ave.


Marcos Vasquez

Deutsche Bank National

Trust Company


1001 S. Poplar St.

Dominque Marie Overton

Fannie Mae


223 East Crocker St.

Jill M. and Jason P. Felter

Marilyn J. Elliott


130 Taft Blvd.

EH Pooled Investments LP

Terry A. and

Sharon K. Leonard


838 Walnut St.


Larry Mansfield


327 S. Union St.

Fostoria Area

Chamber of Commerce

Yetta Wernick


119 N. Main St.

Hopewell Township

Paul T. Busack

Jeremy W. Lohr


109 Michael St.

Lee E. and Holly M. England

John M. and Sandra J. Earl


691 West St.

James L. Graham

George E. and

Ann A. Persinger


Section 25

Jackson Township

Ohio Investments One LLC

Fannie Mae


1798 N. Union St.