Property transfers, June 20

Transfers listed as






William P. Gaietto

Mary C. Myers


55 Howard St.

Jamie L. and

Jason R. Vaughn

Della M. Lenhart


173 Longfellow Drive

Bradley D. Kelbley

Larry W. Homan


49 Longfellow Drive

Jeffrey L. and

Hollis J. Schmiedebusch

John F. and Betty J. Hartsel


6 Birchwood Drive

Esmat Scifi

Crogan Colonial Bank


155 E. Market St.

Aaron M. McCaulla

Sara R. Margraf, et. al.


297 Hedges St.

James D. and

Shirley A. McQuistion

Ned J. and Carol A. Hossler


207 Ella St.

Jeff Baxter

Joshua P. Haynes


Vacant lot on High Street

Earl L. Bowman, et. al.

Steven M. and

Karen A. Stanek


38 Towne and Country Drive

Heidelberg University

Louis W. Ribble


269 Main St.

Clinton Township

Timothy J. and

Hillary S. Hohman

Rodney O. and

Melinda S. Young


952 E. TR 122

New Riegel

Stephen K. Fruth and

Sara L. Colbry

Cory M. and

Kimberly S. Hohman


4060 S. CR 47

Seneca Township

Amber Rathburn

Earl L. Bowman, et. al.


3449 W. CR 6

Thompson Township

Christopher M. and

Kristi J. Beamer

Clifton L. Beamer


3124 N. SR 4

Loudon Township

Glen E. Fruth

Donald W. Kromer


8129 W. TR 112

Shannon and

Rhoda L. McClellan

Charlene M. Kelbley


12154 W. TR 112

Bloom Township

Estelle M. Thomas

Brenda G. Cover and

Christopher G. Tobolt


4823 S. CR 49

Pleasant Township

Ernest W. and

Rebecca S. Berry

Larry O. and Marna J. Barto


3650 E. TR 164