Property transfers, May 30

Transfers listed as






E & E Rentals LLC



111-115 Melmore St.

Robin L. and

John V. Curtain, trustee

Keith E. and Linda Price


43 Beechwood Drive

Matthew L. Miller

Andrew L. and

Daniel L. Miller and

Michelle L. Haddad


63 Park Ave.

Diann L. Graham

Rose L. Kahler


94 Center St.

Aaron M. McCaulla

Fannie Mae


81 Oak St.

Samuel G. Stephens

Freddie Mac


24 Maplewood Ave.

Kayla J. Heschel

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.


71 Morningside Drive

Sharon R. Laugherty

Seneca Habitat

for Humanity Inc.


199 Fifth Ave.

Alex Doepker

Fannie Mae


495 Melmore St.

Clinton Township

CBC Woods, Ltd

Koehler Brothers, et al


2319 S. SR 100

Big Spring Township

Tristan W. and Liza Black

Terrance L. Schreiner and

Debra K. Klipstein


7883 W. TR 1073

Hopewell Township

Janice M. Feasel, trustee

Charlene W. Goscher,



4386 W. US 224

Carrigan Realty Co.

Marion D. Carrigan


Vacant lot on CR 54


Smokey’s Family and

Restaurant and Tap LLC

Gregory J. Neikirk


205 Washington St.

Gregory J. Neikirk

Freddie Mac


204 Center St.

Eden Township

Gerald J. and

Shirley A. Bamb

James D. McQuistion


3474 E. TR 163


John J. Dull

Hazel K. Stamp estate


255 E. Eagle St.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.

Freddie Mac


310 N. Union St.