Property transfers, April 25

Transfers listed as






Sherri A. Henkel

Leslie J. Vassar-Peck


20 Towne

and Country Drive

Justin Atkin

Freddie Mac


103 Cottage Ave.

Aaron M. McCaulla

Christopher C. Magers Jr.


299 Clay St.

Margaret M. Brisendine

Richard Ekleberry II


207 Gibson St.

Franklin P. Laney

Vision Realty LLC


182 N. Sandusky St.

Fannie Mae

Theresa A. Shrode


495 Melmore St.

Mary Roeller

Freddie Mac


339 Benner St.

SPAK Enterprises LLC

Michael J. Lee


318 N. Sandusky St.

Clinton Township

Nicole A. Hoover

Joy L. Rountree


9535 S. CR 17

James D. and Janis A. Birch

Betty J. Baughman


277 W. Meadowbook Place

Chard S. Windsor

Keith J. and Brooke L. Piper


75 S. Tecumseh Trail

Hopewell Township

James Clouse

Donald and Sarah A. Fitch


953 S. Bon Air Ave.

Justin B. Swander

Wade D. Scherger


4597 W. TR 132

Loudon Township

Joshua J. Leiter

and Shelly R. Kessler

Bradley P. Fruth


1348 N. CR 5

Green Springs

Michael A. Hoffman

Matthew J. Meggitt


217 S. Broadway

Big Spring Township

Matthew C. Kramer

Timothy M.

and Scott Kramer


54 W. Tiffin St.

Linda M. Kinn

Jeffrey G. Kinn Estate


12531 TR 56


Triple M Acres

Mary E. Reimer and

Victor Smith, et. al.


Vacant lot on East SR 18

Charles C. Cole

Freddie Mac


2023 South St.

Scipio Township

Michael E.

and Laura A. Covert

Mary E. Reimer

and Victor Smith, et. al.


5551 E. SR 18

Venice Township

Richard A. Dannemiller II

Matthew J. Hale Jr.


8788 SR 4

Joseph R. Weaver

Douglas H.

and Beverly J. Aichholz


7303 S. TR 187

Thompson Township

Stephen E. and

Kathy M. Magers

Firelands Federal

Credit Union


14983 TR 178

Seneca Township

Richard Runion

Sara J. Reinhart


Vacant lot on West TR 54

Eden Township

Allen E. and Judith A. Biller

Estate of Dennis Herrod


4124 SR 110

Barbara J. Sander

and David J. Spitler

Joyce A. Losch


7651 S. TR 17



Kyle E. Brenamen


243 W. North St.

Jennifer Rios

Bradley and Dawn Sadler


438 E. Tiffin St.

First National

Acceptance Co.

Vickie L. Ohler


1240 N. Countyline St.

Jackson Township

Daniel S.

and Sarah R. Naderer

Stephen P.

and Linda S. Naderer


9649 W. TR 84

Fannie Mae

Steven A.

and Jamie S. Dukes


243 W. Crocker St.

Kenneth E. Noble

William B. Noble


722 Circle Drive

Joshua J. Myers

Estate of Sharon K. Brewer


820 Williston Ave.

Britney M. Weiker

Freddie Mac


157 E. Lytle St.