Commissioners discuss sale of Carnegie Library

The Carnegie Library, which most recently housed Seneca County Juvenile and Probate courts, is to be auctioned May 14 at the building, 108 Jefferson St.

County Administrator Stacy Wilson discussed the sale with the commissioners during their meeting Thursday morning. There is no minimum bid, she said, and there are no deed restrictions. Tours are available by calling the office at (419) 447-4550 or the Re/Max office at (419) 443-7653.

“We want to get as many people there as possible,” Wilson said.

The building was constructed in 1912 with a $25,000 grant from the Carnegie Corp. of New York, and it operated as a library from 1913-1976.

Money from the sale is to go to the county’s General Fund. Re/Max is to be paid 6 percent of the final price, or a minimum of $3,000. Funds are to help cover capital or maintenance expenses for other county-owned buildings after the commissioners receive the results of a facilities master plan.

Wilson also said plans are in place to remove a sidewalk at the Justice Center, which led to an entrance which is longer used. She said the removal is part of a landscaping project to take place this spring.

Also Thursday, Paul Mylonas, of Johnson Controls, discussed possible energy cost savings with the commissioners which could be possible through a government program.

They appointed Commissioner Shayne Thomas to the Ottawa-Sandusky-Seneca Solid Waste Management District executive committee.

Commissioner Holly Stacy pointed out the President’s Award displayed during the meeting. The award was presented jointly to the county, city and judges for their partnership in the Justice Center.

“Each of us has a piece of this beautiful hardware with Lady Justice on it,” she said.

In financial matters, the commissioners approved:

• A $7,262.21 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund.

• The Seneca County Sewer District payment adjustment policy. No costs are affected, but a brief policy is being implemented.

• Establishing the Medicaid Reserve Fund on behalf of Seneca County Opportunity Center.

• Setting bid openings for 10: 30 a.m. April 11 for superstructure replacement, prestressed box beam projects at TR 77 and TR 169, and 10:45 a.m. April 11 for a Cemetery Lane recycled asphalt project using grant funds at 3160 S. SR 100.

• Amending a previous action to join parties in a case related to suing pharmaceutical companies and drug makers for their roles in the opioid crisis.

• Approving the recommendation of the Tax Incentive Review Council’s findings regarding Enterprise Zone and Community Reinvestment Area tax abatements for companies located in Seneca County for tax year 2018.