Attica resident bemoans loss of village police department

ATTICA — A village resident addressed the village council Thursday night about the lack of police protection.

“The community needs a police department.” Terry Tusing said. “Kids are speeding through the village, school buses are making rolling stops and I saw the newspaper being delivered on the wrong side of US 224.

“We have to pay attention to the children and our pets,” Tusing said. “I was almost hit crossing the street. What will it be like this summer with out-of-towners passing through?”

He said he called the sheriff’s department about having an officer patrol once a week in the village.

“Chief Keith Turner was here to perform a duty, it doesn’t matter of you liked him or not,” he said. “People complained that he took the cruiser home. He was able to respond quicker, he didn’t have to get here and go and get keys, warm the car up and then go.”

He commented about the survey that Deb Briggs has had in the Attica Hub, saying it was more like a campaign for her son or husband, former Attica Police Chief Jeff Briggs.

Resident Lynn Love asked about the language on the May police levy ballot and, if passed, how soon would funds be received. Mayor Bryan Shock explained that even if the levy passes this May, funds would not be available until April 2020 to re-form the department.

Former Attica Police Officer Jason Bush was present to support former chief Turner and the department.

Tusing also complained about the garbage piling up in an alleyway near the drive-thru.

Councilman Nate Frisch requested a waiver be drawn up by Solicitor Rick Palau for the ball association’s use of the field specifying responsibilities and verifying insurance coverage. He noted they also want to move the home run fence in 10-20 feet and are looking for donations to defray costs.

Frisch reported the flag committee is purchasing 40 new flag poles at a cost of $18 each. Donations toward the flag fund may be made at Sutton Bank. They want to have the flags flying the first week of May.

Village Administrator Greg Martin said residents have approached him about removing a buckeye tree. State officials will be contacted for authorization before taking action.

Resident Lance Drummond said he plans to purchase new trees for planting this year.

Martin reported that a tile obstruction due to tree roots has been cleared.

In other matters, the council:

• Heard that all funds contain $1,065,982.66.

• Adopted the resolution for repayment of the advance from the General Fund to the police fund in the amount of $10,000, waiving the three-reading rule.

• Accepted a $100 donation from the Attica K of C for the swimming pool.

• Named fiscal officer Michelle Gullet as the designee to attend the Certified Public Records Training 10 a.m.-1:15 p.m. Friday.

• Approved the reimbursement for certification classes last year for a lifeguard.

Council is to meet next at 7:30 p.m. April 11.