Landfill asks county to waive payments

Representative from Sunny Farms Landfill requested to waive payment of quarterly charges Tuesday during the Seneca County Commissioners meeting.

Ben Nutter of Sunny Farms Landfill, 12500 W. CR18, Fostoria, spoke to commissioners asking to waive the quarterly charges due to the landfill not using the county’s sewer system when pumping water to the Fostoria Water Treatment facility.

Fostoria had requested in January for the landfill to dispose of its discharge by truck to the sewer plant due to hydrogen sulfide gas being disposed into the sewer system, which has a strong odor and is a harmful gas.

Nutter said he is asking the commissioners to waive the payment until they fix the issue, since they are not using the sewer system.

They do plan to use the line again, but information was not provided on when that would be.

Commissioner Shayne Thomas brought up the concern of the landfill asking for “a favor” when the landfill had misrepresented what has been brought in to the landfill as identifying as waste or solid waste. Thomas said there had been 660,000 tons of waste under-reported.

Nutter said he was not aware of that information.

The landfill has not used the line since August. The landfill owes $15,101 in overdue payments from this year. Nutter said the landfill will make the payments.

Commissioners said they plan to discuss the request with County Engineer Mark Zimmerman and plan to make a decision at next week’s meeting.

In another matter, the commissioners have not decided on the county’s contribution to employee’s Health Savings Accounts and also are to discuss the issue during next week’s meeting.

During a work session, commissioners were presented with the proposition of a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area with participating licensed liquor establishments in downtown Tiffin.

Downtown Main Street Manager Amy Reinhart of Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership presented the proposal. Reinhart said the proposal is to be presented to Tiffin City Council Oct. 15, and council will have to approve the DORA.

Each participating establishment is to have its own designated cups for patrons to purchase alcoholic beverages to be able to carry outside and be used in a determined location.

Reinhart said this will be an opportunity for business to provide outdoor seating and at the East Green Amphitheater and will “bolster the downtown.”

In other news, commissioners approved:

• All supplemental appropriations and appropriation adjustments submitted through the county’s software system for the Oct. 9 meeting.

• A $2,000 supplemental appropriation to the Foster Child Donation Fund.

• A $0.19 supplemental appropriation to the Historic Preservation Fund.

• A $10,000 fund advance from the General Fund to the IDEP Fund and a $5,000 fund advance from the General Fund to the STEP Fund, both on behalf of the county sheriff. The money is to be reimbursed once grant funding is received by the sheriff’s office.

• The sale of a 1997 Mercury GS on behalf of the Seneca County Clerk of Courts. The vehicle was sold for $1,850.