Local author practices what he teaches

English, reading teacher writes his first novel

PHOTO SUBMITTED The cover of ‘A Rose Remains Forever’

A local author, and favorite teacher to many, has completed his first novel — which was 25 years in the making.

Paul Jones, of Republic, has been a Seneca East High School English and reading teacher for more than 20 years. Now retired, he still substitutes in area schools.

In his book — “A Rose Remains Forever” — Jones writes about the impressionable years of his childhood, portraying the strength his mother had to possess just to exist.

Jones writes from his experiences with his mother, brothers and sisters living in Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains.

Many have chimed in praising Jones’ first novel.

Jenny Adelsperger — former student of Jones and Old Fort Elementary School first-grade teacher — said, “I was on a three and half hour flight to Las Vegas and that enabled me to have some uninterrupted time to start (Jones’) book. I love it!”

Adelsperger said through all Jones’ teaching and coaching, every student, athlete and employee cherished a close relationship with him.

“He is passionate about people and about education,” she said. “After a recent chat with him about his book, he encouraged me, as a teacher myself, to always may writing fun for my students. He gave me the sound advice of having authentic relationships with every single student.”

“I have always been interested in becoming a writer,” Jones said. “I had several professors at Heidelberg who fanned my interest in expository writing and encouraged me to write.”

Jones said he hopes those who read his book get enjoyment out of it.

“I also would hope that my theme would be recognizable and the characters an inspiration to those who need inspired,” he said. “I also hope my flashbacks to Vietnam give some insight to that time in American history.”

The book’s cover was done by one of Jones’ former students, Morgan Cole, who is a photographer and used her sister Nikki Cole as the model.

Jones is working on publishing a book of his poetry. He has shared many poems online on Facebook and is to have a reading 1-3 p.m. Saturday at Bailiwicks Coffee Co., 62 S. Washington St.

Jones also has worked at Calvert Catholic Schools and taught at Heidelberg College, where he graduated.

To purchase Jones’ book, visit www.ebay.com/itm/A-Rose-Remains-Forever-A-Paperback-Fiction-Novel-Author-Paul-E-Jones-/192470631946.