Exiting safely

Firefighters practice on buildings set for demolition

PHOTO BY JILL GOSCHE Capt. Jon Nutter (right) helps Travis Staley, a firefighter-paramedic for Tiffin Fire Rescue Division, rappel down a Jefferson Street building Tuesday. To view more photos from this event, visit cu.advertiser-tribune.com.

Tiffin Fire Rescue Division personnel practiced exiting a building safely Tuesday.

Crew members rappelled out of a window at 89 1/2 Jefferson St. The buildings at East Market and Jefferson streets are to be demolished in preparation for Phase II — which includes a splash pad, garden area and parking lot — of East Green Complex.

Chief Kevin Veletean of Tiffin Fire Rescue Division said training at the site was Monday and Tuesday and continues today and possibly Thursday. Tuesday’s crew was working on “bail outs,” he said.

A bail out is an emergency escape from a building when a firefighter’s normal exit way is removed.

“Fires can flare back up,” he said.

Veletean said it’s crews’ usual practice to put ladders on all sides of a multi-story building.

A bail out, he said, is an emergency situation and is not a normal thing to do at a house fire.

Tuesday’s crew had a ladder set up for a safety measure.

“That ladder wouldn’t be there (during a bail out at an actual fire),” he said.

Veletean said all three crews are going through bail-out training.

“(We) worked on ventilation,” he said.

Veletean said the majority of crew members carry enough rope that they could perform a bail out from a third-floor window.