Superintendent: Track finished

BASCOM — Hopewell-Loudon Superintendent Dave Alvarado announced Wednesday that the track has been completed. The surface and sealant and grass seeding have been finished, and stripping is to be scheduled when the company is available. Two equipment gates are to be installed by the end of the week.

The track is not open for use at this time.

Elementary principal Kendra Nelson said student council has taken the lead in Red Ribbon Week, Oct 23-27. The students’ theme is “These PAWS Don’t Touch Drugs.” Students continue to plan activities.

The public is invited to attend the Veterans Day observation Nov. 10.

Treasurer Jennifer Hedrick previewed the five-year forecast. Hedrick estimates the district’s income as $9,172,000 and expenditures at $9,136,421. These projections may be adjusted as the state legislature has yet to approve the 2018 budget. The reappraisal of real estate in the county also may impact the district’s finances when collected in 2018.

The financial forecast shows a deficit balance in 2020 if the emergency levy is not renewed in 2018 or 2019.

The reliance on open enrollment was emphasized. Currently, there are 250 students coming to the district. In 2017, there were 235 open enrolled students who brought $1.3 million to the General Fund.

The board approved chaperones for the sixth-grade outdoor school and a trip to Washington, D.C., for eighth-graders in April. Cost to the student is estimated at $495 but fundraising is expected to reduce that amount.

The resignation of classified employee Amy Chapman was accepted. Debrorah Daniel was hired, as were substitute classified employees.

Supplemental contract was approved for Jason Biller, junior high wrestling coach. Volunteers Jeff Burns, girls basketball, and Chris Sears, wrestling, also were approved.

The board is to meet Nov. 8 at 6:30 p.m.