Wyandot County Fair Results, Sept. 16

Junior Fair

Sheep Breeding


Ram Over All Breeds: Cameron Shellhouse, Kids Got the Spirit.

Ewe Over All Breeds: Cameron Shellhouse.


Junior: 1st, Liam Shellhouse, Kids Got the Spirit; 2nd, Avery Stump, Kids Got the Spirit; 3rd, Kyle Bishop, Town and Country.

Senior: 1st, Cameron Shellhouse; 2nd, Katie Conley, Wyandot Power and Pride.

Market Sheep

Sheep/Wool Queen: Rachael Herring, River Roundup/Upper Sandusky FFA.


First-Year Exhibitor: Madison Frey, Town and Country; Reserve: Jacob Traxler, Carey Boys.

Market Lamb: Kaden Frey, Town and Country; Reserve: Landen Vent, Kirby Bells; 3rd, Madison Frey; 4th, Ashton Frey, Town and Country.

Pair of Market Lambs: Madison Frey; Reserve: Kamree Frey, Town and Country; 3rd, Kyle

Bishop; 4th, Rachael Herring.

Rate-of-Gain Market Lambs: Madison Passet, Wharton Busy Bees; Reserve: Garrett Goodman, Salem Country Kids.


Junior: 1st, Josie Granata; 2nd, Andrew Young, 4-Ever Kids; 3rd, Madison Frey; 4th, Jacob Traxler; 5th, Jacob Rife, Knights of Eden; 6th, Lilian Passet, Salem Boosters.

Intermediate: 1st, Avery Stump; 2nd, Hannah Ritter, Carey Boys; 3rd, Kamree Frey; 4th, Kyle

Bishop; 5th, Savannah Kinley, Salem Boosters.

Senior: 1st, Ashton Frey; 2nd, Miah Ritter, Carey Boys; Rachael Herring; 4th, Kaden Frey; 5th, Katie Conley; 6th, Hannah Ziegler, Barnyard Critters.

Overall Senior: Ashton Frey.


Ambassador: Hannah Ziegler, Barnyard Critters/Upper Sandusky FFA.

Beef Queen: Olivia Coppler, Carey Boys/Carey FFA.

Beef Breeding Champions

Beef Breeding Heifer: Hannah Ziegler; Reserve: Kenzie Cunningham, River Roundup.

Beef Feeders


Lightweight: Eli Kinley, Salem Boosters; Reserve: Cameron Pahl, The Challengers.

Mediumweight: Alexis Watkins, The Challengers; Reserve: Kyler Trent, Wrangler Kids.

Heavyweight: Ella Orians, Salem Boosters; Reserve: Kenzie Cunningham.

Grand Champion Beef Feeder: Alexis Watkins; Reserve: Ella Orians.

Rate-of-Gain Beef Feeder: Stephanie Bassler, Wrangler Kids; Reserve: Drew Castanien, Town and Country.

Beef Feeder Heifer: Alexis Watkins; Reserve: Ella Orians.

Beef Feeder Showmanship

Junior: 1st, Alexis Watkins; 2nd, Micah Parsell, Salem Boosters; 3rd, Collin Brodman; 4th, Kaden Castanien, Town and Country; 5th, Drew Castanien; 6th, Macy Castanien, Town and Country.

Intermediate: 1st, Cory Derr; 2nd, Kenzie Cunningham; 3rd, Molly Brodman, Carey Boys; 4th, Jessie Weier; 5th, Cameron Pahl; 6th, Cooper Brodman, Carey Boys.

Senior: 1st, Eli Kinley; 2nd, Ella Orians; 3rd, Brice O’Flaherty, Kids Got the Spirit; 4th, Josie

Traxler, Carey FFA; 5th, Madison Frederitz, Mohawk Town and Country; 6th, Gavin Stump, Kids Got the Spirit.

Dairy Steers


Lightweight: Emma Stober, Upper Sandusky FFA; Reserve: Lena Stiles, Nevada Bobcats.

Mediumweight: Shelbey Bollinger, Mohawk FFA; Reserve: Justin Hartman, Riverdale FFA.

Heavyweight: Eric Bils, Salem Country Kids; Reserve: Kolten Bils, Nevada Bobcats.

Grand Champion Dairy Steer: Shelbey Bollinger; Reserve: Justin Hartman.

Rate-of-Gain Dairy Steer: David Bils, Nevada Bobcats; Reserve: Collin Bils, Nevada Bobcats.


Junior: 1st, Nevin Boes, Kirby Bells; 2nd, Collin Bils.

Senior: 1st, Emma Stober; 2nd, Shelbey Bollinger; 3rd, Eric Bils; 4th, Alec Ogg, Wyandot County Shepherds; 5th, Audrey Boes, Upper Sandusky FFA; 6th, Lena Stiles, Nevada Bobcats.

Beef Steers and Heifers


Market Heifer: Hannah Ziegler; Reserve: Collin Brodman.

Lightweight Steer: Noel Orians, Carey Boys; Reserve: Levi Kepling, Country Clovers.

Mediumweight Steer: Molly Brodman; Reserve: Cory Derr, The Challengers.

Heavyweight Steer: Collin Brodman; Reserve: Jessie Weir, Kids Got the Spirit.

Grand Champion Market Beef: Molly Brodman; Reserve: Cory Derr.

Rate of Gain Beef: Curtis Smith, Upper Sandusky FFA; Reserve: Curtis Smith.

Market Beef/

Breeding Beef


Junior: 1st, Cory Derr; 2nd, Alexis Watkins; 3rd, Molly Brodman; 4th, Collin Brodman; 5th, Clayton Kepling, Country Clovers.

Senior: 1st, Hannah Ziegler; 2nd, Garrett Summit, Carey FFA; 3rd, Noel Orians; 4th, Olivia Coppler, Carey FFA; 6th, Grant Huston, Carey FFA.

Dairy Feeders

Dairy Feeder Queen: Emma Stober.


Lightweight: Ella Clinger, Carey Boys; Reserve: Kaden Castanien.

Mediumweight: Alexis Watkins; Reserve: Carson.

Heavyweight: Riley Ann Brodman, Carey Boys; Reserve: Cooper Brodman, Carey Boys.

Grand Champion: Riley Ann Brodman; Reserve: Alexis Watkins.

Rate of Gain: Hannah Lonsway, Carey FFA; Reserve: Ben Sheaffer, Wyandot Power and Pride.


First Year (Halter): 1st, Arielle O’Flaherty, Wyandot Power and Pride; 2nd, Audrey Simons, The Challengers; 3rd, Mason Rickle, Carey Boys; 4th, Micah Parsell, Salem Boosters; 5th, Owen Weatherholtz, Kirby Bells; 6th, Waylon Price, Carey Boys.

Beginners: 1st, Alexis Watkins; 2nd, Olivia Rotella, Kids Got the Spirit; 3rd, Abigail Boes, Kirby Bells; 4th, Azryelle Weaver, Wrangler Kids; 5th, Ella Clinger; 6th, Riley Yost, Knights of Eden.

Junior: 1st, Riley Ann Brodman; 2nd, Nevin Boes; 3rd, Julia Brodman; 4th, Lance Rickle, Carey Boys; 5th, MacKenzie Simons, The Challengers; 6th, Cassidy Breidenbach, Town and Country.

Intermediate: 1st, Cory Derr; 2nd, Cameron Pahl; 3rd, Carson Pahl; 4th, Derek Lonsway, Carey

Boys; 5th, Cooper Brodman; 6th, Taylor Brodman, Carey Boys.

Senior: 1st, Bryce O’Flaherty; 2nd, Olivia Grove, Kids Got the Spirit; 3rd, Hannah Lonsway; 4th, Emma Stober; 5th, Colton Breidenbach, Upper Sandusky FFA; 6th, Trent Baum, Mohawk FFA.


Poultry Queen: Ashley Ohl, Mohawk Town and Country.


Market Chickens Pen: Katelyn Lewis, Upper Sandusky FFA; Reserve: Brooke Finscally, Stable Magic.

Breeding Poultry: Ashley Ohl; Reserve: Ashley Ohl.

Pen of Ducks: Kelsey Bursby, Knights of Eden; Reserve: Summer Bouillon, The Challengers.

Pen of Geese: Niki Young, Upper Sandusky FFA; Reserve: Bryce O’Flaherty.

Pen of Turkeys: Benjamin Arnold, Wrangler Kids; Reserve: Lyman Stamer, Nevada Bobcats.

Eggs: Nicole Snook, The Challengers; Reserve: Alexander Putnam, Carey Boys.


Junior: 1st, Nicholas Putnam; 2nd, Kyla Conley; 3rd, Owen Gottfried; 4th, Alex Putnam; 5th, Eric Lavery; 6th, Henley Kloepfer.

Intermediate: 1st, Kendra Conley; 2nd, Mason Bouillon; 3rd, Madison Byrum; 4th, Summer Bouillon; 5th, Trent Hucke; 6th, Kelsey Bursby.

Senior: 1st, Katie Conley; 2nd, Katie Lewis; 3rd, Zach King; 4th, Ashley Ohl; 5th, Hayden King; 6th, Niki Young.

Showman of Showmen

1st, Hannah Ziegler, Barnyard Critters and Upper Sandusky FFA; 2nd, Emma Stober, Kids Got the Spirit and Upper Sandusky FFA.

Senior Fair

Straw Stacking Contest

1st, Team Members: Chuck Bollinger; Alec Bollinger; Weston Bollinger, Time of 4:40.

2nd, Team Members: Zeb Kitzler; Tyler Rice; Justin Pfester, Time of 6:33:34.

3rd, Team Members: Bradley Chaffee; Noah Cheney; Nathan Morrison, Time of 10:13:54.