Tiffin U. hosts firearms simulation

Criminal justice students at Tiffin University took part in a firearms simulation Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mike White, a TU criminal justice professor, said the training was done through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

In addition to students, some faculty members, including TU President Lillian Schumaker, and 16 police officers have gone through the simulation since Tuesday. Officers from Willard, Bellevue and Attica police departments participated and more officers are expected to participate today, he said.

White said all the student participants were criminal justice majors and most were seniors.

It was the first time Tiffin University has had this kind of simulation on campus, he said.

“It really is synergetic with what we’re doing in the classroom,” he said. “I think this helps make it three-dimensional for the students.”

White said it shows students different instances when deadly force is necessary and exposes students to what these situations are like.

“We have had some pretty heated discussions in the classroom about shootings that have happened around the country,” he said. “This simulation shows just how fast things can happen.”

White said he already has received emails stating how appreciative participants were for the university organizing the simulation and allowing them to go through it.

“The students just love it and the officers use it as required training. It’s a great opportunity for them to comingle a little bit,” he said.

White said this is a taste of the real thing, but it shows how dangerous and how fast things can change in law enforcement.

“This is just phenomenal training,” he said. “It’s one thing to be learning from a book, but it’s a whole other thing to actually be acting it out.”

White said today will be the last day of the firearms simulation.