Mohawk Board of Education: Personnel matters top meeting

SYCAMORE — Personnel issues dominated the Mohawk Board of Education meeting Monday evening.

Three teacher aides were approved to monitor Saturday school at a rate of $20 per hour and eight certified teachers were approved at $25 per hour.

A list of substitute teachers and substitute aides was approved, as was Harry Traxler as a one-year substitute transportation supervisor.

High school students Jared Vargo and Robert McDermott were approved as computer/technology assistants at minimum wage on an as-needed basis. Both boys did work with the district’s technology over the summer.

The board took action to:

• Appoint Jason Price as transportation director.

• Approve family medical leave for Michelle Yarger beginning Nov 23.

• Accept a letter of resignation from Amanda Baker as junior high student council adviser and from Kassandra Fagan as preschool aide.

• Compensate classified staff who attended Leader in Me training at $10 per hour.

• Issue supplemental contracts to Jessica Ault, sophomore class adviser; Abby Gottfried, freshman class adviser; Brent Konkle and Brent Wiedemann Jr., student council co-advisers; Tonya Trusty, head eighth-grade girls basketball coach; and Allison Weinandy and Jenny Weinandy, junior high girl’s basketball volunteers.

* Issue a one-year contract for Kacy Leath, teachers’ aide.

Superintendent Ken Ratliff conducted a public hearing on how the district uses federal funds: Title VI-B for special education; Title I for economically disadvantaged; Title IIA -professional development for teachers and funding a preschool aide.

Ratliff announced staff will have training in handling an active shooter incident Thursday while students are not in session.

The superintendent reported there are 150 open-enrolled students and 116 students leaving the district. These numbers are similar to last year’s enrollment.

The district will be offering payment in lieu of transportation for families whose students attend Tiffin Catholic Schools, as busing would be impractical.

The board approved workbooks and fees for junior high and high school courses. Elementary fees are $35, unchanged from last year.

Overnight trips were approved for FFA to Camp Glen and Indianapolis; junior high to Washington, D.C., in May; and the high school dance team to Bowling Green.

The amounts and tax rates for Mohawk Community Library were determined by the budget commission and authorized for the necessary tax levies and were certified by the county auditor.

The board members met in an 18-minute executive session before conducting regular business. They discussed a confidential issue.