Commissioners reorganize for 2017

Seneca County commissioners set new meeting dates and times and elected new leadership during their first meeting of 2017 Monday morning.

Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner suggested meeting bi-weekly on Tuesday and Thursday with work sessions on the second Tuesday of each month and quarterly off-site meetings 7 p.m. Jan. 26, April 20, July 27 and Oct. 19. He also said a mop-up meeting could be held at the end of each month if deemed necessary by the board.

Commissioner Holly Stacy said the new schedule could cause concerns with department heads.

Kerschner said if there are issues, the schedule could be adjusted by resolution, as long as commissioners meet at least 50 times in 2017.

The board’s next meeting is Thursday.

Stacy nominated Kerschner as president of the board and Seneca County Commissioner Shayne Thomas as vice president. Both were approved.

Stacy said she and Thomas attended a joint justice center contractors meeting.

“I’m very impressed with their focus on safety,” Thomas said.

Stacy said steel is to be delivered to the construction site Wednesday.

Seneca County Administrator Stacy Wilson said the parking lot of the County Services Building was deemed non-compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

She said the County Services Building is to be worked on soon.

Commissioners also discussed parking lot renovations at Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, Seneca County Museum, Seneca County Agricultural Services Center and Juvenile Road and the back lot at 3120 S. SR 100.

Wilson said the cost to review the four parking lots was estimated by Encompass Engineers and Architects at about $17,800.

Kerschner said it seemed like a lot, but he said it would be less expensive than if non-compliant ADA lots were put in and had to be replaced.

Thomas said he would like a second quote and commissioners took no action.

In another matter, Wilson said in her 10 years with the commissioners office, the county never has had an apiary, or bee, inspector. She said other counties in the area have a paid apiary inspector.

Paul Dundore, a member of the Sandusky Valley Beekeepers Association, said a decline in the honey bee population could effect everyone. He said 40-60 percent of food people eat comes from the pollination of honey bees.

Dundore said apiary inspectors register hives that are kept by beekeepers. He said some people don’t believe an inspector is needed, but he urged commissioners to find a way to bring apiary inspector services to the county.

“It’s a cost-benefit thing from this chair,” Kerschner said. “Maybe we can take a look and try and get more info.”

No action was taken.

In new business, the board approved:

• An $84,486.50 supplemental appropriation to the PSI Pre-Sentence Investigation Writer Grant Fund.

• A $9,000 supplemental appropriation to the Community Corrections Grant Fund.

• A $700,000 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund.

• A $400 supplemental appropriation to the VAP Court Costs & Misc. Fund.

• A $200 appropriation adjustment within the VAP Court and Misc. Fund.

• A $147,000 fund transfer to the Bond Retirement Fund.

• A $112,800 fund transfer to the Capital Facilities Note Retirement Fund.

• A $181,600 fund transfer for the LGF Alternate Formula to the Ambulance Service Fund.

• A $10,000 fund transfer to the LGF Alternate Formula to the Soil and Water Fund.

• A $60,000 fund transfer to the LGF Alternate Formula to the EMA Fund.

• Authorizing the Seneca County engineer to prepare and submit an application to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement and/or Local Transportation Improvement Program(s).

• Authorizing the Seneca County engineer to use the “force account” pursuant to Ohio Revised Code for 2017 for routine maintenance of equipment and yard facilities such as emergency work as necessary.

• Authorizing the expenditure of funds for snow removal supplies, emergencies and meetings held by the Seneca County engineer.

• Authorizing the Seneca County engineer to hold an annual meeting of county and township authorities.

• Designating Mark Zimmerman as the authorizing agent to participate in the Ohio Department of Transportation cooperative purchasing program.

• Authorizing a contract with Fairfield Computer Services LLC on behalf of Seneca County auditor’s office for its dog licensing program.

• Authorizing a contract with Vanguard-Sentinel Career Center for GED instruction services for Seneca County jail inmates.