Justice center contractor eyes early finish

Seneca County Joint Justice Center Executive Core Team met Thursday afternoon to discuss progress on the joint justice center, which is projected to be completed by December 2017.

Chad Stevers, of Gilbane Construction, the project’s construction manager at-risk, said his company is pushing contractors to have construction completed by Nov. 1, 2017.

He said he expects the contract to be completed with all parties signed off by December 2017.

Holly McLean, of Quandel Construction, the project’s owners’ representative, updated the team on financials.

She said the revised total budget is $14.9 million and she said if no further contingency funds are used and a $500,000, interest-free loan is used, the project should come in under budget.

Financial information released by Quandel states a remaining balance of about $62,994.54 is expected by the end of construction.

McLean said Thursday’s meeting was the final time Quandel representatives would attend the monthly core team meeting. The city of Tiffin, Seneca County Board of Commissioners and city and county judges  agreed to terminate Quandel’s contract earlier this month.

She said Quandel would continue day-to-day operations on the project until Nov. 30.

The core team expects to save about $100,000 by terminating the Quandel contract. Seneca County Administrator Stacy Wilson said the amount saved will not be known until Quandel sends a bill for November.

Core team members are in discussions about which entities will take care of responsibilities previously handled by Quandel.

Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner said he has met with representatives of Gilbane and Silling Architects, the project’s architect-engineer, and he feels confident many of Quandel’s duties could be handled by Gilbane and Silling starting next month.

Sean Simon, of Silling, said even though Quandel’s contract was to expire, he thought the core team should meet next month and consider still meeting once a month.

“Next month, same thing, same time and same place,” he said.

Seneca County Commissioner Holly Stacy thanked Quandel for its hard work in getting the project to this point.

“Thank you, Quandel, for your representation,” she said.

Doug Hess, of Gilbane, said personnel have started working on the underground portion of the structure. He said plumbing pipes were being installed and an electrician would be on site soon to take care of underground work. Hess said once these steps are finished, cement can be poured and he said steel is expected to be on site by early- to mid-December.

“In the next two months, manpower is going to increase rapidly,” he said. “We’re excited.”

Simon said Gilbane had a kickoff meeting this week with subcontractors. He said other meetings were scheduled this month and next as construction plans are put into action.