Rigel Recovery Services opens

Rigel Recovery Services, an outpatient chemical dependency services agency, recently opened its doors in Tiffin and is welcoming new clients.

Located at 2550 S. SR 100, Rigel Recovery Services is an outpatient arm of Oriana House open to the public.

“We provide the best services we can for people addicted to substances,” said Barb Siegle, clinical coordinator at Rigel Recovery Services. “Anybody can come in off the street.”

Siegel said Oriana House in northeastern Ohio has been established for many years doing corrections-based treatment, but at Rigel Recovery Services, clients do not have to be court-ordered to attend treatment.

“We do have referrals from probation officers, but we also get self-referrals,” she said.

When clients first come to Rigel Recovery Services, an assessment is done to determine the best treatment option, Siegel said. If outpatient treatment is the best option, then a person begins their treatment process by joining a gender-specific readiness group, she said.

The group keeps meeting until there are enough members to begin an intensive outpatient treatment group, and that group meets three times a week for six weeks, Siegel said. During the intensive outpatient treatment group meetings, clients learn skills such as dealing with urges to use, saying no to peer pressure, problem solving, and they also creating a relapse prevention success plan.

“Different skills like that apply for people who are addicted to substance but also are applicable to other areas of life,” Siegel said.

Between six to 10 clients are part of the intensive outpatient treatment group, and since the agency’s opening in February, one male group has completed the program. She said the group was a success.

“We are now ready to start another male and a female group,” Siegel said.

Following the intensive outpatient group completion, clients begin an aftercare program and individual sessions. Sessions also occur with family and friends, Siegel said.

“They’re pretty busy while all of this treatment is going on,” Siegel said of the clients.

Siegel said beginning this week, a program called Family Matters will be initiated at Rigel Recovery Services. The group is targeted toward helping family and friends of people addicted to substances.

“The purpose is to support family and friends of people who are addicted,” she said.

Siegel said since its opening in February, the agency has been busy, but is hoping to be busier.

Heroin and prescription opiates often are sources of addiction for the clients, Siegel said, but marijuana and alcohol also are prevalent.

“Heroin, that and any form of opiate, seems to be the big issue,” she said.

“Addiction tends to affect everybody,” Siegel said. “There’s people that come from every socio -economical class and every background. It’s not really a discriminator of people. It’s a disease that affects everyone.”

Jason Varney, vice president of correctional programs in Seneca County for Oriana House’s CROSSWAEH facility, said although Rigel Recovery Services is not connected to CROSSWAEH, some of CROSSWAEH’s clients, upon the completion of CROSSWAEH’s own chemical dependency treatment program, do decide to continue their aftercare at Rigel Recovery Services.

“Even though CROSSWAEH clients can complete the required aftercare at our facility, for some people, especially opiate addicts, longer term care is what is needed to increase recovery success,” he said.

“Knowing the drug problems that exist in the community I think that having more providers or having an option was something that was very needed in the local community,” Varney said of Rigel Recovery Services.

Siegel said to set up an appointment at Rigel Recovery Services, which accepts Medicaid, call (567) 220-7018.

“We’re not turning anybody away,” she said. “Even if they can’t pay or don’t have insurance, we’re not turning them away.”