500 students kick off TU careers

Tiffin University welcomed about 500 first-year students Wednesday during its first official opening convocation.

“This is an exciting new tradition for TU,” said Lillian Schumacher, vice president for Academic Affairs. “A convocation is a special time for people to gather for one common purpose: to make new connections, for a new year, new opportunities, a new perspective. It is the official start of your academic career.”

Schumacher said encouraged students to make the most of their time at TU.

“Work really hard,” she said. “Be OK to be challenged … always do better … learn and grow.”

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz addressed the first-year students, returning students, faculty and staff.

He said he was elected to city council in his junior year at Heidelberg University.

“I know that, at times, it can be hard and there was a time that I had wanted to quit because I had gotten so frustrated, but I am glad that I stuck it out or I would not be the mayor I am today,” Montz said. “Make your four years here at Tiffin University great.”

Jeremy Marinis, vice president for Enrollment Management, said first-year students represent 34 states represented and 11 countries.

President Paul Marion welcomed students and mentioned new programs and campus improvements.

“Without risk there is no gain,” said John Millar, professor of management and dean emeritus.

He said first-year students should know four concepts: responsibility, integrity, scholarship and kinship.

“Every decision you make is yours, there are no excuses,” he said. “You are all adults now. Make good ones.”

“You choose who you are and who you will be. That is integrity,” he said. “There are two parts of scholarship. One, do your own work, and two, learn how to learn.”

Last, he discussed kinship.

“Many of you have traveled very far to come here and some had to just drive across town, but you are all here,” he said. “You are going to develop longlasting friendships.”