Fair results, July 29

Senior Fair

Directors’ Results

Adams Township, Richard Miller; Big Springs Township, Christina Bumb; Bloom Township, Mary Lou Showman; Loudon Township, Raymond Souder; Scipio Township, Pamela Shock; Seneca Township, Calvin Staib; Tiffin City, Phillip Ardner; At Large Center, David Hoover; At Large South, Brian Staib;


Auction Buyers

Bear in Log: Danner.

2 Bears in Log: Jerry.

Bear Standing in Tree: Bernie Kirian.

Cow: Todd Price.

Eagle: Dave Fleming.

Fox: Deputy.

Owl In Tree: Don Binger.

Owl On Post: Ron Hoover.

Pig: Todd Price.

Rabbit: Ron Hoover.

Racoon: Chad Orr.

Turtle: Sheriff.

Total: $4,150.



Senior, Doubles: 1st, Ron Yontz, Bob Ward; 2nd, Ken Reis, John Fox.


Class A: 1st, Joe Steinmetz; 2nd, Eugene Chancey.

Class B: 1st, Taffy McKnight; 2nd, Dan Smith.

Class C: 1st, John Fox; 2nd, Dave Reis.

Class D: 1st, Eugene Chancey, Jr.; 2nd, Terry Brown.


Class A: 1st, Joe Steinmetz, Larry Steinmetz; 2nd, Ron Yontz, Dave Marten.

Class B: 1st, Tony Spieldenner, Tony Spieldenner, Jr.; 2nd, Mark Cuson, Ryan Osborne.

Tractor/Truck Pull

Super Farm 1st, Shawn Miller, Super 7; 2nd, Chris Weidinger, Black Power; 3rd, Donald Emery, 1H1066; 4th, Brian Deppen, Uncle Buck’s Toy; 5th, Donald Emery, Destination Unknown; 6th, Brian Deppen, Radical Red.

Light Limited Pro Stock 1st, Jeremy Lee, Disposable Income; 2nd, Kevin Smith, JD4455; 3rd, Gary Holman, Power Hound; 4th, Matt Durbin, Sidewinder; 5th, Kendall Beasley, Hi Geer Harvester; 6th, Ron Beasley, Farmall Fever; 7th, Kolt Andreas, High Gear; 8th, Jeremy Smith, Hystrung; 9th, Josh Lee, Moolah Taker; 10th, Larry Sheets, Jr., Red Rider; 11th, Jerome Wisel, Constant Conflict; 12th, Dave Mandrik, Red Devil.

Pro Stock 1st, Cory Hoffman, King of Deeres; 2nd, Bryan Deppen, Smokin Deere; 3rd, Mike Linder, Linder Brothers; 4th, Chris France, Homewrecker; 5th, Jon Sharp, Under New Management; 6th, Avery Nauman, Lil Rascal; 7th, John Cespedes, Fools Gold; 8th, John Young, Cash Explosion.

Super Stock 1st, Duane Keener, Bambi; 2nd, Mark Metzger, Alcoholic Harvester; 3rd, Frank Keener, XXX; 4th, Jeff Hothem, Fully Loaded; 5th, Jeff Hirt, Fast Lane; 6th, Justin Gravatt, Strutinn Buck; 7th, Eilene Kale, Ride the Lightening; 8th, Keigm Parobek, Another Dear; 9th, Gary Williams, Country Deere; 10th, Dewey Kerr, Plowboys Nightmare; 11th, Andy Battrell, Dirty Sally; 12th, Christopher Shaw, Massey Ferguson; 13th, Neil Pfleiderer, Burnin Money; 14th, Tracey Varnes, Head Games.

Modified 1st, Don Deane, Plumbers Nitemare; 2nd, Bud Arter, Unfinished Business; 3rd, Robert Finlak, North American; 4th. Dan Schmiesing, Bionic Buzzard; 5th, Brian Diekman, Rat Poison; 6th, JJ Potase, Super Hunky; 7th, Robert Soisson III, Leather and Lace.

TWD 1st, Ryan Writsel, At It Again; 2nd, Russel Nichols, On The Edge; 3rd, Don Williams, Lac’A Control; 4th, Ryan Writsel, Lucky Stryke; 5th, Ray Fintax, Xtreme Scheme; 6th, Bill Widenmeyer, Smokeless; 7th, Howard Antram, Thunder Wagon II; 8th, Richard McPherson, Midwest Raider; 9th, Chad Taylor, Blue Knight; 10th, Jack Farabee, Tin Man; 11th, Shawn Williams, Out’A Control; 12th, Charles Peck, Ultimate Desire.

Super Modified FWD 1st, Joe Barnett, Bad Habit; 2nd, David Pearce, Stormer; 3rd, John Grau, After Hours; 4th, Eddy Garner,Chaos; 5th, Kenny Lucas, Fantasy; 6th, Steve Barker, Live Wire; 7th, Bill Bolen, Plum Crazy; 8th, Joe Frey, Fire-N-Ice; 9th, Carl O’Dell, Dirt Donkey; 10th, Harmon Zink, Tasmanian Devil; 11th, Don Carlyle, Hammer Down; 12th, Austin Berry, Black Diamond; 13th, Guy Shingleton, Shotgun Red.

PS Semi 1st, Mike Laribee, Shameless; 2nd, W.T. Miller, Bad Attitude; 3rd, Mathew Metzger, Brockassurus; 4th, Josh Loyer, Unpredictable; 5th, Shane Canterbury, Big Mack Attack; 6th, Kendra Rodgers, Unleashed.

Horse Racing

Race 1: Two-Year Old Filly Trot

1st, Jetterbug; Dan Venier, Driver; Daniel J. Venier, Pemberville, Owner.

2nd, Josie Girl; Greg Bateson, Driver; Toni L. Langhann, Hillsdale, Michigan, Owner.

3rd, Easy Mom; John Konesky III, Driver; John A. Konesky III, Pemberville; Patrick Konesky, Bowling Green, Owners.

4th, Triple M Lisa; Mark Headworth, Driver; William J. Webb, Defiance; Jerry D. Cline, Hicksville, Owners.

5th, Sunrise Misty; Pierce Henry, Driver; Darren D. Henry, Leipsic, Owner.

6th, Candiflat; Mike High, Driver; Donald E. High, Cardington, Owner.

Time: 2:07.4

Race 2: Three-Year Old Filly Pace

1st, Baby Slider; Mark Headworth, Driver; William J. Webb, Owner.

2nd, Miller’s Dawn; Ron Stock, Driver; James E. Carter, Jr., Owner.

3rd, Matti Falcon; Jayne Weller, Driver; Jayne I. Weller, Republic, Owner.

4th, Cheapertokeepher; Pierce Henry, Driver; William J. Webb, Owner.

5th, Osborne’s Fantasy; Ryan Stahl, Driver; Jerome T. Osborne, Mentor.

Time: 2:03.1

Race 3: Two-Year Old Colt Trot

1st, Lu’s Dunn It Again; Ryan Stahl, Driver; Emil J. Konesky, Woodville, Owner.

2nd, Jailhouse Neely; Mark Headworth, Driver; Mark L. Headworth, Oregon; William J. Webb, Owners.

3rd, Casey’s Victory; Junior Cole, Driver; Velma J. and Junior A. Cole, Quincy, Michigan, Owners.

4th, Dozers Agreement; Greg Bateson, Driver; Toni L. Langhann, Hillsdale, Michigan, Owner.

Time: 2:11.3

Race 4: Two-Year Old Filly Pace

1st, Zebra Stripes; Ryan Stahl, Driver; Dean Davis, Wooster; Ashley R. Dunn, Polk, Owners.

2nd, Midnight in Autumn; Joey Mapes, Driver; David J. Wornstaff, Ashley, Owner.

3rd, Strong Player Lily; Pierce Henry, Driver; Robert L. Brookes, Vanlue, Owner.

4th, Friskie Megan; Mark Headworth, Driver; Mark L. Headworth, Owner.

5th, Blinded; Donald Hinkle, Driver; Parent Racing Stable LLC, Holland, Owner.

Time: 2:04.2

Race 5: Three-Year Old Filly Trot

1st, MJS Victory Jody; Ryan Stahl, Driver; Scott Cox Stables LLC, Streetsboro; Ryan R. Stahl, Republic, Owners.

2nd, Lofty Train; John Konesky, III, Driver; John A. Konesky, III; Patrick Konesky, Owners.

3rd, Maudeenflat; Mark Headworth, Driver; Emil J. Konesky, Owner.

Time: 2:07.0.

Race 6: Three-Year Old Filly Pace

1st, Hannah Forever; Ryan Stahl, Driver; Roy S. and Joan T. Burns, Milford Center, Owners.

2nd, India; Kenneth Fortney, Driver; Nancy J. Watson, Republic, Owner.

3rd, Mean Fever; Mark Headworth, Driver; William J. Webb, Owner.

4th, Bella Fever; Dale Edwards, Driver; Dean Davis, Wooster, Owner.

5th, Our Little Jess; Tom Marts, Jr., Driver; Angela M. Ott, Luckey; Thomas A. Marts, Jr., Toledo, Owners.

Time: 2:00.2

Race 7: Two-Year Old Filly Pace

1st, Our Little Swishy; Tom Marts, Jr., Driver; Benjamin J. Ott, Luckey; Cuart B. Ott, Toledo, Owners.

2nd, Strong Victory; Greg Bateson, Driver; Gregory V. Bateson, Toledo, Owner.

3rd, Indian Rockette: Mark Headworth, Driver; William J. Webb, Owner.

4th, The Light; Ryan Stahl, Driver; Parent Racing Stable LLC, Owner.

5th, Western Cammy; Jay Weller, Driver; Jayne L. Weller; Jayme M. Weller-Laing, Columbus, Owners.

Time: 2:08.0

Race 8: Three-Year Old Colt Trot

1st, Turbos Agreement; Greg Bateson, Driver; Toni L. Langhann, Owner.

2nd, Count Full Mack; Bud High, Driver; Bud N. High, Owner.

3rd, Nonohio; Tom Moore, Jr., Driver; Arthur J. Erford, Hamler; Kenneth J. Phillips, Custar, Owners.

4th, Counttheraindrops; Dale Edwards, Driver; Dale R. Edwards, Bucyrus; Robert S. Pfaff, Bucyrus, Owners.

5th, Harmony Legacy; Dan Venier, Driver; Merle L. Haar, Elmore, Owner.

6th, Lavecs Luckybuster; Cory High, Driver; Bud N. High, Owner.

Time: 2:04.3

Race 9: Two-Year Old Colt Pace

1st, Mantalic; Tom Marts, Jr., Driver; Benjamin J. Ott, Owner.

2nd, Beauty’s Bandit; Joey Mapes, Driver; Ricky Dean Mapes, Macedonia, Owner.

3rd, Indian Sign; Bill Webb, Driver; William J. Webb, Owner.

4th, Uncle Billy B; Greg Bateson, Driver; Suzanne M. Bates, Gibsonburg; Robyn S. McGhee, Swanton, Owners.

5th, Catscratchfever; Pierce Henry, Driver; William J. Webb, Owner.

6th, The Cone Ranger; Daniel Corfman, Driver; Daniel W. Corfman, Fremont.

Time: 2:03.2

Race 10: Three-Year Colt Pace

1st, Easter Bay; Ryan Stahl, Driver; Rebecca Lynn Nichols, Attica; Curtis A. Shoup, Attica, Owners.

2nd, Midnight Dude; Dale Decker, Driver; Dale J. Decker, Temperance, Michigan, Owner.

3rd, Memphis Dude; Brady Galliers, Driver; Martin D. Rudicil, Toledo, Owner.

4th, Osborne’s Angel; Mark Headworth, Driver; Jerome T. Osborne, Owner.

5th, Friskie Shadow; Wayne Smith, Driver; Wayne E. Smith, Cement City, Michigan, Owner.

6th, Feel Like Autumn; Joey Mapes, Driver; David J. Wornstaff, Ashley, Owner.

Time: 2:00.2.

Race 11: Open Trot

1st, Trottin On Over; Mark Headworth, Driver; Emil J. Konesky, Owner.

2nd, JH Savage; John Konesky, III, Driver; John A. Konesky III; Patrick Konesky, Owners.

3rd, Tory; Jim Larrabee, Driver; Donald R. Brooks, Bucyrus, Owner.

4th, I Need You; Dale Edwards, Driver; Patricia A. Rothhaar, Oceola, Owner.

Time: 2:02.2

Race 12: Open Pace

1st, Fredsabulldog: Ryan Stahl, Driver; N. E. Gagnon, Republic; K.J. Stucky, Tiffin; M. Watson, Tiffin; M.A. Martin, Willard, Owners.

2nd, Major At Heart; Jim Larrabee, Driver; Donald R. Brooks, Owner.

3rd, State Of The Union; Pierce Henry, Driver; Patrick H. Groves, Sidney, Owner.

4th, Buckcye Valley; Daniel Corfman, Driver; Daniel W. Corfman, Owner.

Time: 1:58.0.

Race 13: Open Trot

1st, Tymal Recap; Pierce Henry, Driver; Patrick H. Groves, Owner.

2nd, Rock N Roll Song; Greg Bateson, Driver; Gary W. Hicks, Stockbridge, Michigan, Owner.

3rd, Score Card; Junior Cole, Driver; Junior A. Cole, Owner.

4th, Baked Azalea; Orrin Turner, Driver; Orrin T. Turner, Saginaw, Michigan, Owner.

Time: 2:03.1

Race 14: Open Pace

1st, Battleship Kelly; Ryan Stahl, Driver; Ryan R. Stahl; Nichole E. Gagnon, Owners.

2nd, Money To Burn; Mark Headworth, Driver; Richard J. Smith, Jackson, Michigan, Owner.

3rd, Demanding Force; Brady Galliers, Driver; Brady E. Galliers, Owner.

4th, Up Front Carl; Joey Mapes, Driver; Thurman M. Tackette, Jr., Marion, Owner.

5th, Pamsfoolishterror; Tim Conkright, Driver; Douglas J. Eachedor, Pemberville, Owner.

6th, Theresa’s J Jay; Olivia Turner, Driver; Orrin J. Turner, Lessee.

Time: 2:00.0.

Broken Horn Rodeo

(Combination Results for two nights)

Bareback Bronc: 1st. Shawn Minor; 2nd, Matt Borton.

Saddle Bronc: 1st, Shawn Minor.

Tie-Down Roping: 1st, Cord Barricklow; 2nd, Shawn Woods; 3rd, Cody McCarty; 4th, Hadley Deshazo; 5th, Rob McPhail; 6th, Clay Vaughan.

Steer Wrestling: 1st, Justin Morehouse; 2nd, Joe Stephens; 3rd, John Alley; 4th, Noel Strahan; 5th, Jay Rivinius; 6th, Nate Powell.

Cowgirl Barrel Racing: 1st, Gabrielle Oder; 2nd, Kim Buchleitner; 3rd, Jessica Whitney; 4th, Barbara Jimison; 5th, Diana Camper; 6th, Liz Michael.

Team Roping: 1st, Jason Tucker-Caleb Anderson; 2nd, Cory Clark-Caleb Anderson; John Alley-Lane Mitchell; 3rd, Jason Tucker-Ben Gambrell; 4th, Quinton Parchman-Lane Mitchell; 5th, Hadley Deshazo-Cooper Bruce.