Cardinal Chorale tour to stop in Fostoria

FOSTORIA The 2014 tour of the Cardinal Chorale is to make its third-consecutive appearance in Fostoria later this month.

The chorale is a touring ensemble of the 200-member, All-Ohio State Youth Choir. The chorale is chosen through auditions of the choir’s returning veterans.

This year, there are 46 singers in the choir who are to travel to Columbus, Mount Gilead, Dublin, Lakeside, Roscoe Village and Fostoria’s St. Wendelin Parish and Good Shepherd Home.

“Last year, there was an attendance of close to 300-400 people at the parish,” said Vicki Sulken, an organizer for the tour stop in Fostoria.

Sulken has been involved with the chorale since 2004, when her son, Patrick, was a member of the ensemble.

“It is very gratifying to see a full number in attendance,” Sulken said.

A wide range of music is to be performed, including patriotic, spiritual, Broadway, popular and old standards, Sulken said.

“The first time I had heard about the chorale, I thought it was too good to be true. Not only do the kids learn about music and vocal health, but they create long-lasting friendships and have a respect for others around them.”

The chorale was established in 1995, with the Youth Choir starting in 1963, by Charles Snyder.

Joshua Senn, the Cardinal Chorale’s tour manager, said he has been part of the chorale since he participated as a member from 2008-09 and a substitute in 2010.

“My experience with the chorale has been amazing,” Senn said. “It is a large part of why I chose to become a music teacher. The mentorship that I have received from (Charles) Snyder has been a huge help to me in the past several years.”

Snyder established the chorale “to provide more challenging musical opportunities for returning members of the AOYC,” Senn said.

“One of the benefits of being in the chorale is having the chance to work with other singers from across the state of Ohio who are passionate about music,” Senn said. “This is a group of singers that is only together to sing about three times a year. They come from all across the state for the one thing that binds them together: music.”

One member, Ian Roberts of Fostoria, is to participate in his second tour in the chorale this summer.

Roberts is a 2014 graduate of Arcadia High School. He said he was first interested in the choir when his younger sister was part of the youth choir.

“They were able to tour not just Ohio, but across the country and across Europe,” Roberts said. “I thought it would be really cool, so I decided to apply.”

Roberts said that throughout his experience in the chorale, he has had many leadership roles, including helping lead his own section and helping other members while on tour and showing how to act with others in the audience in other communities.

“It has made me more personable,” Roberts said.

Roberts is to enter into the U.S. Marine Corps in December. He said the chorale has been “a wonderful experience and has helped me grow in all aspects of my life and the courage to reach out and touch people.”

Also this summer, the chorale is sponsoring the first Encore Honors Choir choral music camp Aug. 4-10 at Hallowed Hills Campgrounds in Zanesville.

For more information, contact the chorale staff at (740) 623-0554 or by email at the