Write-in votes might delay 88th District results

Results of the 88th District House of Representatives race could be delayed because of all the write-in candidates in today’s primary election.

Ohio Secretary of State Press Secretary Matt McClellan said the number of write-in candidates was not unusual.

He said race results for the 88th District, which includes Seneca County and part of Sandusky County, might not be released until Wednesday or Thursday.

However, Seneca County Board of Elections Director Karl Erbland said delays were not expected in counting the votes and the board is to operate according to the directives of the Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office.

Sandusky County Board of Elections Director Barb Tuckerman said write-in votes are to be counted after regular votes are tabulated tonight.

Both counties intend to finish the count tonight.

As of Monday, write-in candidates for the 88th District included Republicans Rhonda Damschroder, Bill Reineke and Richard A. Geyer and Democrat Bill Young.

Seneca County Board of Elections Deputy Director Jim Ehrman said Dave Sauber filed his petition to be an independent candidate for Seneca County commissioner Monday. The petition is to be verified after today’s election.