Medal winners

COLUMBUS – More than 50 Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Center students came home Wednesday with gold, silver and bronze medals from the 62nd annual SkillsUSA Ohio Championships.

Sixteen of them earned gold and are to go on to the National Leadership and Skills Conference June 23-27 in Kansas City, Mo.

Senior Sentinel medical technology students Sidney Baker of Columbian High School and Megan Somodi and Ashley Perry of Calvert Catholic High School competed in the career pathway showcase with their hands-only CPR project, earning gold.

The team worked with Tiffin Fire and Rescue Division and Mercy Tiffin Hospital to help teach hands-only CPR to schools and the community.

“This is fantastic,” Somodi said.

“We worked really hard and practiced our speech every day in front of our class and other classes,” Perry said.

Tyler Tran, a senior digital technology student from Vanguard and Fremont Ross High School, earned gold in the computer programming contest.

“I’m really excited,” Tran said. “I was nervous throughout the competition, but was confident in my abilities. I am excited for the opportunities competing at nationals will bring.”

Julianna Reed, a junior digital technology student who is homeschooled, earned gold in the masonry competition.

“I did not expect to win,” she said. “I am going to practice as much as I can for nationals.”

Vanguard medical career students Ashley Duncan and Tiffany Colston also earned gold for their individual contests.

Duncan, a Fremont Ross senior, came out on top in the basic health care contest.

“I’m excited and proud. I worked really hard,” Duncan said.

Colston, a Port Clinton senior, said earning gold this year is a great feeling.

“Last year, I came to state and went home with bronze,” she said. “I feel more accomplished for earning this for myself.”

Logan Walker, a senior in the building trades program and from Columbian High School, completed his gold-medal-winning plumbing contest with 15 minutes to spare, he said.

“I am ecstatic,” Walker said. “There were times of stress, but I was able to pull through.”

Walker said he has learned not to be overconfident and keep calm.

“I don’t go in with a chip on my shoulder. I always think there is someone better than me,” he said.

The Vanguard health knowledge bowl team also earned gold and will go to nationals. The team includes medical career students Brittany Miller, a senior from Clyde High School; Morgan Binkley, a junior from Gibsonburg High School; and Deanna Davis and Emily Woughter, seniors from Fremont Ross.

“I am pumped. My team worked really, really hard and practiced a lot,” Woughter said.

Collison repair contest gold medalist Dustin Benner said he feels awesome and happy. Benner, a senior from Hopewell-Loudon High School, practiced since the regional competition.

“This competition takes a lot of hard work and practice,” he said. “It was good and challenging.”

Other gold medal winners were Vanguard seniors Felix Rodriguez and Charlie Young, digital technology students, and Brendan Scherf, an electrical trades student, all from Fremont Ross.

Samantha Hannigan, a senior in the design, engineering and architecture program at Vanguard, was honored as the state T-shirt design winner. The design was a silhouette of Ohio with a ribbon wrapped around it.

Instructor Tonya Breidenbach said her design was very “eye-catching.”

Hannigan, of Gibsonburg, used a similar design last year at nationals, but didn’t place, Breidenbach said.

Outstanding Achievement Awards were given to Vanguard-Sentinel with Vanguard Tech Center earning gold and Sentinel receiving silver.

Other medalists were:


Crime scene investigation team of public safety students Phillip Stanley, a junior from Upper Sandusky High School; Danielle Swanagan, a senior from Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow School; and Nicholas Vogel, a junior from Columbian.

Health knowledge bowl team of medical technology students Becka Heidler, a senior from Columbian; Mackenzie Moyer, a junior from Columbian; Dominic Solis, a junior from Upper Sandusky; and Krista Ward, a senior from Old Fort High School.

Team works team of Daniel Arbogast, a building trades junior from Hopewell-Loudon; Tyler Lewis, a building trades senior from Columbian; Jonathan Lotycz, an electrical trades junior from Old Fort High; and Cliff Miller, an electrical trades junior from Columbian.

Telecommunications cabling – Logan Royster, a digital technologies junior from Port Clinton.

Computer programming – Michael Lay, a digital technologies junior from Port Clinton.


Technical computer applications – Devin Beaver, a digital technologies junior from Port Clinton.

Entrepreneurship team of digital technologies students Christian Hinson, a senior from Fostoria High School; Jacob Harvey, a senior from Lakota High School; Barbara Sprauer, a senior from Lakota; and Lindsay Flick, a senior from Fremont Ross.

American spirit team of medical aide students senior Dana Englehart, junior Hannah Pena and junior Heather Toller, all of Fremont Ross.

Design digital technologies team of digital, engineering and architecture students Zachary Ferguson, a junior from Fremont Ross, and Joshua Briggs, a junior from Columbian.

Automated manufacturing technologies team of precision machining students Caleb Feasel, a senior from Columbian; Jared Feasel, a senior from Columbian; and Chase Snyder, a senior from Upper Sandusky.

Automotive refinishing – Austin Parrott, a collision repair senior from Columbian.

Chapter display team, including Lauren Somodi, a cosmetology junior from Calvert Catholic; Cody Kuhn, a building trades junior from Calvert; Nick Shumaker, an electrical trades junior from Fostoria High School; and Kalob Vargas, an electrical trades junior from Columbian.

Computer programming – Arville Tackett Jr., a digital technology senior from Seneca East High School.

Industrial motor control – Cale Felter, an electrical trades junior from Seneca East.

Nurse assisting – Ciara Long, a medical technology senior from Mohawk.

Team works team, including Olivia Borer, an electrical trades senior from New Riegel High School; Garrett Crapo, an electrical trades senior from Seneca East; Jared Downs, a building trades senior from Seneca East; and Jerad Raypole, a building trades senior from Mohawk.