Sycamore approves truck purchase

SYCAMORE – In the past two council meetings, plans to buy a new fire truck was discussed. An emergency meeting was called for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday to approve the purchase of a truck in East Earl, Pa., to replace the department’s 1977 Ford Pumper.

Fire Chief Bryan Clouse presented information about the truck. The truck, a 2000 HME Alexis Pumper, meets all specification requirements and has passed all performance testing. Capt. Mark Fleming has been communicating with sellers and the truck has been put on verbal hold for the Sycamore Fire Department.

The truck costs just more than $100,000. Solicitor Jim Gucker said there is $48,000 in the investment fund, and Clouse said there is $60,000 in the vehicle replacement fund. Clouse and treasurer Chris Moler have been discussing a $25,000 loan with the First National Bank of Sycamore to cover the purchase and for any repairs or upgrades. Clouse said a new truck can cost upwards of $400,000.

The truck, a 1,000 gallon, four-man enclosed cab vehicle, has been certified and comes with a one-year warranty that will cover any repairs of more than $3,000 in full, a rare perk when buying a used vehicle, Clouse said. Clouse said he, Fleming, and Lt. Kevin Weyand would like to travel to see the truck today, and then bring it back to Sycamore Saturday, which council approved.

The council said Moler is to give Clouse, Fleming and Weyand a check to take with them, and their travel expenses would be added to bills to be paid at the next council meeting.