Honor Flight plans final trips

Honor Flight Northwest Ohio has announced its last scheduled flights. The flights, slated to take off April 30, May 21, June 18 and Sept. 24, are to be the organization’s last trips to Washington, D.C.

David Chilson, a board member of Honor Flight Northwest Ohio, said the board decided to cease operations because it feels it has accomplished its mission.

“Honor Flight was started to take World War II veterans (to Washington, D.C.,)” he said. “We’ve gone far beyond that.”

Korean and Vietnam veterans have been participants on the flights, and this year, the majority of those on the flights will be Korean War veterans, Chilson said. In total, the organization has had more than 30 flights and has taken almost 2,000 veterans to Washington D.C.

“We just felt we wanted to go out on a positive note,” he said.

Chilson said everyone on the waiting list, which is about 300, will have an opportunity to take a flight.

“We can take 320, or very close to that,” he said.

Chilson said those not on the waiting list should consider the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight hub, or other hubs located in Cleveland, Columbus and in the Akron-Canton area. Findlay also has Flag City Honor Flight.

“People in the Tiffin area are located in such a place that there are several alternatives,” Chilson said.

For more information about Honor Flight, visit www.honorflightnwo.org or www.honorflight.org.