Coverage plan detailed

REPUBLIC – Republic council members listened Monday night as insurance representative Thomas Welsh presented 2014 costs for participating in the Public Entities Pool of Ohio program.

Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf was interested in the changes of costs in the public entity pool since the village sold its unneeded equipment at auction last year. Welsh reported the vehicles caused auto liability to be reduced by $649 while auto physical damage cost went down by $517.

Total coverage of real and personal property, vehicles, liability, law enforcement, comprehensive and collision and miscellaneous equipment are to cost $884 less.

Mayor Bruce Lambert explained the relationship with the Lions’ Club at Community Park and asked about the legal responsibility for coverage of buildings. He also questioned coverage for the ball field lights if they should be damaged. Welsh said the village has liability coverage if anyone is hurt on the property but doubted the lights are covered.

Welsh recommended the village review the Lions’ Club coverage to determine needed coverage.

Fiscal Officer Monique Delaney submitted the treasurer’s report and said all accounts contain $1,185,000 with $600,000 invested.

Councilman Kevin Thompson presented the village with an American flag donated by the American Legion.

In other action, council:

Adopted an ordinance establishing the 2014 permanent appropriations and declaring an emergency.

Adopted the ordinance appointing Jeffrey Little as a maintenance one worker at a rate of $11 per hour with a 90-day probationary period and declaring an emergency.

Created a second maintenance part-time position.

Was presented committee assignments.

Discussed stop sign placement and installation.

Council is to meet at 7 p.m. April 7.