New Riegel ready for spring

NEW RIEGEL – Think spring! That was the advice street worker Jerry Faeth had for New Riegel council members Tuesday night.

He thanked many for their help in clearing the village of snow. He has appreciated everyone who has moved their vehicles off the streets for safer plowing, thanked Councilman Jim Bodart for plowing while he was away and expressed appreciation to Mayor Larry Bouillon for his time, effort and equipment in keeping sidewalks cleaned at his own expense.

Council expressed gratitude for First National Bank allowing the village to pile snow in its parking lot.

Concern regarding the future fees to village sewer system users has prompted Bouillon to set a meeting for 10 a.m. Wednesday in New Riegel’s council chambers. He has invited county, state and federal officials, New Riegel School administrators, EPA personnel, WSOS and RCAP to participate in a round table discussion about what can be done to assist the village. Seneca County Engineer Mark Zimmerman relayed to Bouillon that fees may be increased to $103 monthly per household for sewer services. This will cause hardship for many, especially those on fixed incomes. He also reported that New Riegel Schools annual fee would be $36,000.

Bouillon is encouraging council members and all other residents to contact the county commissioners and make their thoughts known about the situation.

Solicitor Rick Palau presented council with a class action suit notice against Bank of America, GE Funding and Trinity Funding concerning municipal derivatives that includes the village of New Riegel. They will await future results.

Fiscal Officer Megan Reinhart submitted a financial report and the appropriation status. It also was noted as a result of changes in the OPERS system, council members paid per meeting are no longer eligible to donate to OPERS but will start to donate into the Social Security system starting in March.

In other matters, council:

Approved paying Adam Faeth $100 for diagnosing truck problems.

Moved to add Rick Kessler, Les Staib, Lenny Theis and Reinhart to sign checks.

Approved purchasing an owner’s manual for the 2008 Ford truck not to exceed $70.

Is awaiting quotes for the removal of an ash tree at the park and a maple tree.

Heard a streetlight needs repaired.

Set a finance committee meeting for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss appropriations.

Announced the Seneca Regional Planning meeting Wednesday at Good Shepherd.

Heard Seneca County commissioners and Emergency Medical Services Director Ken Majors are to attend the April 15 council meeting.

Heard county commissioners are to hold their quarterly meeting at 7 p.m. April 29 in the village.

Council is to meet at 6:30 p.m. March 18.