Helping when he can in spirit of the season

In the spirit of this season of giving, Dick Hiser seeks to help his neighbors with the simple act of clearing snow.

Carolyn Hiser, Dick’s wife, said her husband has “always helped everybody,” and while he is no longer able to be as active as he’d like, snowblowing the sidewalks in the neighborhood “makes him feel good.”

Carolyn said she and her husband have lived on Tomb Street since 1965, and have seen many changes in the neighborhood. Many of the homes that were once owned by familiar people, she said, now are rentals, since the original owners have died.

After 48 years, she said, “we have a lot invested in the neighborhood.” Carolyn said their son, who is disabled, also lives on Tomb Street.

Even though her husband Dick is 78 and is on oxygen at night, Carolyn said he still helps others when he can.

That’s just the kind of person he is, she said.

Mario Perez, who lives down the street from the Hisers, said Dick is “a friendly guy,” and his work in the neighborhood “means a lot.”

Perez is raising his two young children, and said it would be nearly impossible for him to clear his sidewalks by himself. Dick’s help, he said, “shows the kind of person he is.”

Perez said he is relatively new to the Tiffin area, and families like the Hisers are representative of the “good people in Tiffin who go the extra step around the holidays.”

While Christmas lights twinkle in welcoming windows, Perez said Dick Hiser is “like an angel on a Christmas tree.”

“He’s really touched my heart,” he said.