1 injured in hunting accident

A hunter suffered a gunshot wound and was treated at a hospital Tuesday afternoon after a hunting accident in Seneca County.

According to reports from the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, a caller from Mercy Willard Hospital reported just after 6 p.m. the hospital was treating a person who was shot during a hunting accident in Seneca County.

The report indicates the accident occurred in the area of East TR 106 and South TR 197.

Seneca County Sheriff Bill Eckelberry said one hunter was shooting at a coyote between themselves and another hunter when they accidentally shot the second hunter. Eckelberry was unsure of the extent of the hunter’s injuries and how the victim got to the hospital.

Sheriff’s office reports indicate an ambulance was not summoned to the area of East TR 106 and South TR 197 Tuesday.

Eckelberry said the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is conducting an investigation into the shooting.

Further details were unavailable Wednesday.