Park death still being investigated

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the death of a person found inside a parked truck Sunday at Howard Collier State Nature Preserve.

Seneca County Sheriff Bill Eckelberry said the body of the victim of the apparent suicide was sent to the Lucas County Coroner’s Office Monday for an autopsy. The sheriff’s office is awaiting autopsy results and a DNA match before it will release the victim’s name, he said. Eckelberry said he hopes to get back the results soon.

The truck, which burst into flames after law enforcement’s arrival at the park, belonged to Bradley Droll, 48, of McCutchenville, Eckelberry said.

Eckelberry said nothing was found inside the truck to identify the body, which was found after a caller reported Sunday afternoon that a pickup truck was running and sitting in a parking lot at the preserve for about 45 minutes. A deputy who then responded to the call noticed the cab of the truck was filled with black smoke and backed away. After fire and EMS personnel responded, the truck burst into flames, destroying it. Law enforcement believe that chemicals were involved.

An obituary for Bradley Droll, who died Sunday afternoon, is on page 4A.