Commissioners to talk computer system

County Auditor Julie Adkins spoke about the office’s proposed computer software upgrade at the Seneca County Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday.

Adkins said the county uses software from Software Solutions Inc. as the fiscal payroll provider. She said the last time the software had been completely updated was 2003, and the county added several new features to the existing software in 2011.

Several features include financial management, asset management, payroll and treasury management.

With the new software, county employees would have access to the software off site. The software would make the county more timely, use less paper and make work more efficient.

Adkins also said other county agencies could benefit from the new program, including Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services.

The new software is to cost about $85,000, not including an additional support fee and an annual support fee, which is to increase by about $9,000. Added to the current support fee, the annual cost to the county is to be $23,000.

Adkins said as the current software gets older, the resources dedicated to servicing the software most likely are to decrease.

Department of Job and Family Services Director Kathy Oliver said it would be a good tool for her department.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller said it would be easier if the county did not require non-General Fund departments to pay up front, and that he would rather pay for the system over three years.

Commissioner Holly Stacy said if the county had more carryover, it would be best to put more funds towards the software system now rather than the minimum.

“I would … want less of a burden over the next few years,” she said. “I just think we need to move with it.”

Board President Jeff Wagner asked for more information regarding payment for the system. Commissioners are to discuss the matter at the next board meeting.

Zoeller said he and representatives from the county, Seneca County Museum Foundation and Seneca County Historical Society met to discuss the proposed museum board.

“There is a tremendous level of cooperation that, from what I understand, has not existed in the past,” he said. “I was amazed.”

Zoeller also requested that information be provided concerning the breakdown of where departments have gone over budget.

“Government accounting gives me a headache,” he said. “I would like to have an outline, at a high level … of what we went over.”

The board prepared two proclamations to be read at the rededication of the Seneca County Cemetery at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The board also is to read a proclamation in honor of Veteran of the Year Joseph Buckley at the Veterans Day Dinner Nov. 9.