Anti-abortion speaker asks for support of local Heartbeat

With an appeal for the community’s prayers and support for Heartbeat’s office in Tiffin, Shawn Carney addressed a group of anti-abortion supporters Wednesday morning at Elizabeth Schaefer auditorium at St. Francis Home.

Carney, co-founder of 40 Days for Life, a 40-day journey of prayer and fasting to end abortion, spoke about abortion in Tiffin. He stressed the beneficial presence of pregnancy resource centers such as Heartbeat, stating they “battle (abortion) through love, truth and the power of Jesus.”

In modern-day America, Carney said, abortion is a great injustice, and “comes to us as a lie, because it has to.” He said, if a person wants a baby, a pregnancy is a blessing, but if the baby isn’t wanted, it becomes a “liberty and a choice.”

Carney quoted a statistic released by the Ohio Department of Health that stated 55 women from Seneca County sought abortions in 2012. He said when statistics alone are considered, the pro-life movement can become overwhelmed, but the truth of individual transformations to embrace life are powerful.

Carney shared the story of a young woman who, in the beginning stages of a late-term abortion, changed her mind and left a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, turning to 40 Days for Life participants. That woman, he said, later gave birth to a baby boy. He also spoke about workers at abortion facilities who, after witnessing the loss of life at such clinics, become voices for the pro-life movement.

Carney stressed the importance of unity in the pro-life movement, and said Heartbeat’s presence, in Fremont and Tiffin, is a “tremendous opportunity” to stand for the sanctity of life.

The grassroots level of the pro-life movement, he said, recognizes abortion as a “local problem with a local solution.”

As Heartbeat opens its doors in Tiffin, Carney said, “you are that solution.”