Zig Stag lawsuit to go to court in February

A civil lawsuit filed in May by the Attorney General’s Office against Zig Stag and its owner has been scheduled to go to trial in February.

The lawsuit claims the store and its owner, Shawn Stagnolia, sold synthetic marijuana to consumers, violating the Consumer Sales Act and public nuisance laws. The Attorney General’s Office is seeking to impose a civil penalty of $25,000 for each separate and appropriate violation along with a $300 tax.

The store, located at 20 E. Market St., closed following eviction proceedings initiated by Husky Enterprises, the building’s owner. Stagnolia had been ordered in July to close the business before Aug. 8.

According to court documents, a temporary restraining order enjoining the defendants from selling or distributing synthetic marijuana shall remain in full force and effect until the case goes to trial Feb. 6.

Stagnolia, 36, of Tiffin, also faces criminal charges in connection to the sale of synthetic marijuana. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, which include aggravated possession of drugs, distribution of tobacco products with intent to avoid payment of tax, possession of untaxed tobacco products, failure to file withholding return and permitting drug abuse.

That case is scheduled to go to trial Jan. 13.